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Fallout 76 updates will contain new popups, quests and more

Fallout 76 is almost here. Bethesda's new online RPG is officially slated to launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC…

Fallout 76 is almost here. Bethesda’s new online RPG is officially slated to launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC this week (although its servers have gone a little bit early) and then the publisher has shared a message with fans about game development and what is

The message titled “Launch and Beyond” was published on Bethesda’s website and gives a glimpse of some of the updates after launch. Bethesda is currently working for Fallout 76. “We have an incredible list of updates we’ve started working with – from CAMP building improvements, new missions and events, new Vaults opening, character respecing, a fractional PvP system and much more, says publisher.

Bethesda also touched how challenging it was to create this new type of Fallout experience. “With Fallout 76, we’ve woven together parts of our previous Fallouts, survival genre and massive online games to create something unique,” the publisher wrote. “Creating a new game style is best from just our own producers, programmers, artists and designers &#821

1; but great efforts from the entire company.”

Finally, the publisher extended the various studios that lent development aid to Fallout 76 as ZeniMax Online, Id Software and Arkane, as well as to all fans who participated in Fallout 76 beta and gave feedback on the game. “With your help, we’ve made games t better every week, “wrote Bethesda.

Fallout 76 officially publishes on November 14th. So far, PS4 players can claim some free Fallout 76 articles, including three avatars and a PS4 theme. The game will be launched in several different editions, which comes with an assortment of digital and physical goodies. You can read more about them in our Fallout 76 pre-order guide.

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