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“Fallout 76” Tips to help you through landing

Now that Fallout 76 is live and too many it's an unexpected trip to online games, we thought we might…

Now that Fallout 76 is live and too many it’s an unexpected trip to online games, we thought we might be able to help a little. Since Bethesda does things a bit different this time, we decided to whip up quick tips to make the transition a bit easier.

There is so much more to do Vault 76 than people think. Because of this, you need to know before you enter a server with 24 other survivors! Whether you go alone or group with three of your friends, here’s our quick survival guide for the Fallout 76 experience!

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or 7 Din Time In Vault 76

When you begin your journey in the game, you will wake up in Vault 76 – a situation that does not differ from those who know the franchise. The vault is cleaner than previous vaults and quite large, which means there is more than enough to explore before you go out. There are also sticks and other gear around to pick up before you begin your journey.

And do not forget your party hat! You can see us scooping it up in the video above. Ignore standing around – our voice chat was cut by the pictures (these were pictures from October at the beginning), but my group of players had a fun time just kicking back and enjoying the trip.

Exploring the vault will also connect players with their C.A.M.P device, which is the key to building your own structures in the game. Even better? This is a quick travel point, so if you want to come back and scoop something you might have missed, it’s as easy as a waypoint away.

Slide 2 of 7 Get familiar with the game’s feel

Fallout 76 feels very much like a single player sometimes. Although I was in a team of four who took up assignments and learned more about the new map, I found myself wandering alone and exploring on my own terms. To take down Super Mutants, play the banja, or just walk around to collect holotapes to hear other human voices – I did not feel like missing myself by myself. I could still fight, I could still attend events, I could still learn more about the world – I could do what I wanted, how I wanted.

Although it was a multiplayer game, it felt lonely sometimes and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. It is structured to explore. Just as in reality it is obviously lighter with friends but it is not necessary, and I did not feel punished by the game to go out on my own.

As I said, for those who long for some kind of structure, I would recommend keeping track of the main story whenever you can. This reveals important information about survivors, while making it easier to even up and get those Perk cards.

Slide 3 of 7 Talk about Perk Cards

The Perk Card system in the game is interesting, but it also offers a lot of freedom of play. Instead of sticking to a certain skill, the players can reasonably create their character bit by bit to make the survivor see them fit to wander those highways.

This system in place also does not offer freedom but a learning curve. All these shiny attributes known from previous games are available, but players must earn them. This makes the “gate” more meaningful while players get a reason to invest in West Virginia. Fallout Fallout 4 of 7 Scavenge, Scavenge, Scavenge

All Fallout fans should know the importance of cleansing now and with a game so bent on survival and self-esteem, it is even more important. Take everything. There are literally workbenches everywhere to scrap materials and make adjustments to armor and weapons. This gives the player greater control over their stats and the type of gear they have in the main roads of West Virginia.

In the same river there is no “insufficient search”. If two players go up to something, they can both equip it. Varuhandel is also available, which is useful for those occasions when the ammunition becomes a bit too low for comfort. [19659000] Slide 5 of 7 Party With Friends

If you want to delete solo or go with friends, Fallout 76 really offers the choice to choose your playstyle. It is said that there are aspects of the game – including events – that are much easier / more manageable with people behind you.

Since this is the first time a Fallout game has had some form of online capacity, it is understandable why so many would be doubtful, but the social aspect – even for those who do not like social games – adds a whole new layer of immersion of the experience. I even had strangers coming up and helping me with tools when I contacted them for help! It is not the sad war that many feared.

Do not you have any friends who are interested in playing? You can also ask that you join a group, just go up and ask if it is not a full party.

Slide 6 or 7 Stay Hydrated!

Sounds stupid, right? But it is not! Here are the survival aspects of games – It’s actually possible to starve or die in the game. Because much of the water is radiated, it’s clean water and other ways to replenish the key. Do not wait until the meter is dangerously low, make sure you always keep food and water in your stomach!

Slide 7 of 7 Have fun and go Sightseeing

At the end of the day, this is a game. Go out, explore, enjoy! This map is four times bigger than any other map in the franchise’s history! There are so many happy discoveries to be made, so many hidden easter eggs to find. Take your time and do not feel rushed. This game is for you so make sure you go and enjoy it!

Fallout 76 is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Interested in seeing our thoughts on the online game? Check out our full review here!

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