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“Fallout 76” prohibiting homophobic players shows a bigger problem

When AJ from Chicago found himself face to face with gay Fallout 76 players threatening to "eliminate all gay men"…

When AJ from Chicago found himself face to face with gay Fallout 76 players threatening to “eliminate all gay men” he took the only option available: he captured video about the event and [19659002] To his credit, Fallout 76 Developer and publisher Bethesda Softworks responded quickly. Homophobes and group leaders, a man who played under the username NathanTheHicc, were investigated and were then forbidden to ever return.

“We gave a first ban on three days while our team responded to the question further verifying the persons involved and what took place,” told a Eurasamer-based Bethesda spokesman, who first reported the news. “After further review, we have now permanently banned the players we have identified.”

You can see some of their behavior in AJ’s tweets below, but take care of this content answer : The clip is filled with offensive and openly aggressive homophobic remarks.

There are rules to prevent players from attacking and killing other players if there is no mutual desire to fight. But no one in Fallout 76 is invincible. Peaceful players who do not fight back take only less damage from attacks by other human players.

In this case, gay bouts held on to AJ and eventually did enough damage to kill their character. He and his friends switched to another server after that and continued their night. Then Bethesda eventually responded to AJ’s tweet and took care of the insulting players.

Of all performances was a happy end to an unpleasant story: When their behavior was investigated and confirmed, the poisonous players were shown the door. But there’s more to this story, and it’s all about Fallout 76 which comes in less than star form.

The new game, released on November 1

4, takes the popular post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting in an online world for the first time. Stripping away the game-influencing story and the casting of characters that usually make up the backbone of a Bethesda RPG, Fallout 76 focuses on social experiences: plays with friends and strangers in an entirely online version of a major Fallout world.

It’s not a bad thing, conceptually. Proximity-based voice chat allows total strangers to interact and talk to each other directly, even when they are not called. Such an attitude allows for alliances and / or clashes. It is largely the point in the game: the written story is removed to create space for the players who come up with themselves.

But what’s missing, as AJ realized when NathanTheHicc and his friends started his verbal attack, are some kind of in-game reporting mechanism.

Most online games and game networks contain built-in options for submitting a report on various forms of bad game behavior. Verbal harassment is one of the most common attacks, so these reporting features give the victims a simple and fast process to let the forces be known about bad eggs.

Unfortunately, no such property exists in Fallout 76 . Worse, the game is only available on the computer via Bethesda’s own online service, It is similar in many ways to Ubisoft’s Uplay and Electronic Arts, but it is much younger.

Fallout 76 is really the first big new edition. Features like friend lists and player reporting are not yet incorporated into the software client, and most of the things you can click on in the app are redirected only to Bethesda’s website. You can link up with friends only while in the game, and there is no reporting function of any kind.

Bethesda has a browser-based option to flag bad behavior in their games, but it is not clearly announced (or even available) from the client. And as AJ learned first, the login reporting mechanism is not entirely functional.

“Tweeten was forwarded to some community executives for the game and they were very friendly and helpful,” said AJ Eurogamer. “We got a link to report the players but had problems with it. The site requested a video file of the incident but the accepted file types were not video files. So we could not send one. For me, the page would not even load. It seems very difficult to report players. “

With no reporting features in the game and a seemingly broken browser-based option, Fallout 76 players on PC have a very small opportunity when facing chaos. (PlayStation and Xbox users can at least refer to each console’s embedded reporting, but it will insert Sony or Microsoft into a situation that Bethesda will handle.)

It’s a big problem and one that talks about what Mashables own Alison Foreman wrote Friday about Fallout 76 which seems to be ofinished and in the utmost need of meaningful updates. It’s obvious that reporting in the game should be one of Bethesda’s top priorities right now.

“Reporting in the game is necessary”, told AJ Eurogamer. “Just blocking someone from a session just temporarily protects yourself, but does not stop anything from happening again or to other people. For 76 specifically non-PvP servers should be good. Maybe it would have been different if they could not kill us. Despite all the bugs and glitches, the game is fun when you are with friends and can temporarily explore and play. “

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