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Fallout 76 players launched so many nukes at once that they crashed a server

After launching the world's first playoff last week, a group Fallout 76 would perform an experiment. What would happen if…

After launching the world’s first playoff last week, a group Fallout 76 would perform an experiment. What would happen if they launched several nukes at the same time?

Nukes, Fallout s takes on raid, a mechanic that allows players to transform a place so that it hosts higher enemies with better loyalty. Nuking a local is not meant to be easy: you have to collect multiple codes like shots randomly, and then you need to figure out a cipher to put these codes in use. However, some players have automated the cipher process, in addition to collecting many codes through lots of playing time. So now Fallout 76 players must decide whether to load a new payload on the map.

It’s a decision that affects many players, and it’s not easy. Already, many report that Nukes goes out in Morgantown, one of the first places the players visit after starting the game. Obviously, unprepared players can not handle the tough monster like Fallout 76 generates in a nuclear landing zone. Fortunately, the game warned before a beak gets off at a certain location.

YouTuber Nickaroo93 and his crew launched three nuts once in the weekend and a few seconds later they were kicked from the server. The game had stopped responding:

The serial surprise was not a surprise to the crew. In the clip they assume it may happen. Nevertheless, the gang would see it first, Nickaroo93 told The Verge.

There are three places in the game you can start nukes from, so we would initially see if it was possible to start nukes from each of the places,” Nickaroo93 said. “When we found out that it was possible, we decided to start them in the same area at once.”

Since the message, there has been a lot of worry about nukes and if players can take advantage of their sheer power to overwhelm others on a server. And while it is true that Nickaroo93’s group now has enough influence to influence everyone’s games on their server, they do not necessarily think that the mechanics are unbalanced.

“Personally, I do not see it as something to abuse,” Nickaroo93 said. “If a player is in a server when the key is launched and they do not want to handle it, they can simply leave their world and join another. When I saw someone starting a new noodle while I was playing, I was excited about the prospect to explore something new! “

However, he believes that Bethesda can improve the nuking mechanic. As stated, players can simply collect a nuclear weapon map and then generate a code online through a website, which is apparently about an hour when you’re on a high enough level, says Nickaroo93. Bethesda seems open to the finesse of the nuclear mechanic: this morning a patch went out that fixed a problem with how the game releases nuclear codes. For now, Nickaroo93’s group will continue their nuke experiments.

“The next thing we want to try launches the nukes in three different regions on the map to see if the servers can handle the load,” Nickaroo93 said. “The thought of exploring three different irradiated areas sounds amazing, and we hope it’s possible.”

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