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Fallout 76 Easter Eggs Pokes Fun At Lore Inconsistencies

Screenshot: Bethesda (Fallout 76) When did Brotherhood of Steel originate first in West Virginia? What is the true origin of…

Screenshot: Bethesda (Fallout 76)

When did Brotherhood of Steel originate first in West Virginia? What is the true origin of Fallout ‘s big green supermutants? Fallout 76 takes freedoms with more than a little bit of the series’s lore, but Bethesda does not seem to be too worried about it, making the light of timeline conflicts with a fun callback to Fallout 4 .

If you intend to discover everything in Fallout 76 for yourself, be aware that there are light spoilers forward . No groundbreaking or central to the main game of the game, but a warning yet.

Kent Connolly. Remember him? He was a ghoul from Fallout 4 who worked in a radio station at the end of the 23rd century and was obsessed with Silver Shroud, a vigilant character from a series of series before the war that turned America into a nuclear weapon area. According to messages you can discover in one of Fallout 76 stretches, he was also a big fan of another character from the series, mysterious mansion and he was more than a little disappointed with continuity errors between the original cartoon books and her later appearances in the lineup update.

It’s all according to messages displayed on a computer terminal in the game’s Riverside Manor mode. It is the home of the fictional actress Shannon Rivers, who played the character in the radio version. She lived there after the war with her husband, and the two adopted orphans and taught them how to fight, just like the fictional mistress of the mystery. The quest line around her character is one of the better I’ve found in the game so far, and it also gives a fun side commentary about how lore metastasizes and breaks down anymore a series continues.

“I wanted to complain about the Eye of Ras story, depicted in Season 7, episode 12,” Theven of Thebes “” reads a message in the computer terminal, signed by super-fan Connolly. It continues:

Screenshot: Fallout 76 (Imgur)

“This episode indicates that the gentleman may not have had the eye during his second expedition to Egypt to defeat the invisible Seer’s cult. As I’m sure you know, in Mistress of Mystery # 141, a flashback shows the lady who cares for a museum gala that must have taken place between the first and second expeditions. Fan consensus is that she got her eye during the first expedition, even though I personally think it was mixed the relics she inherited from her father’s archaeologist. “

Connolly continues to write that he hopes to maintain the story and the continuity of the character’s canon is as important to her as it is for him. In a postscript he adds that he was “upset” to see the character’s dress had changed because it was hard to fight, perhaps a reference to some Fallout fans own complaints when Power Armor in ] Fallout 3 was changed from previous appearances in the series.

Before Fallout 7 6, some players launched confusion about the visible existence of Brotherhood of Steel insignia in the game. The series’s existing timeline provided that this fraction, originating in California, should not have taken place so far east so early. Bethesda answered at that time with a tweed paper over the contradiction and chalked it to ” Satellites .” Supermutants also believed that they were created a few months before the events of Fallout 76 ] which makes their prominent appearance in the game another mystery.

Of course, the Connolly reference in this game is also not important because he is a character from Fallout 4 which takes place long after Fallout 76 a prequel to the rest of the series . It is assumed that the person referred to in the computer terminal is the same ghoul who runs a radio station hundreds of years later. (19459026) Update: As pointed out by many Fallout learned in the comments, Ghouls prolonged the lifespan because of their condition which means it would make perfect sense that Connolly wrote to one of his

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing how Fallout s most devoted fans try to reconcile the game’s increasingly wild lore. Something tells me that as Fallout 76 continues to expand and get updated, it will only be weirder.

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