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Fallout 76 Collector Edition Compensation is not enough for in-game bag – Game Rant

Report This Ad Fallout 76 The Collector Edition has been a real disaster for both Bethesda and fans. Fans did…

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Fallout 76 The Collector Edition has been a real disaster for both Bethesda and fans. Fans did not get the West Tek bag as promised, and Bethesda’s handling of the situation has left some players even more furious. In the latest insult that has been hurt, fans have discovered that their compensation is not even enough for a virtual in-game bag.

Bethesda offered players who were disappointed by their 500 Atoms, Fallout 76 slot machines. This is equivalent to $ 5 USD, and does not help players have much advice in the store. The Postman skin, which comes with a similar in-game bag to the Promoter’s Collector’s Edition, costs 700 atoms. So unless players are willing to take extra money or slip to earn another 200 atoms, they can not even fulfill their wish for the bag in the game.

Fiasco continues to worsen for Bethesda. Players have now noticed that Bethesda released a Fallout 76 purse for influences before the game was released. Although the design is not identical, Bethesda’s willingness to spend the money required to produce these bags, while skimping on a paid special edition for their devoted fans, left the players feel even more sour and cheated.

While Fallout 76 players never get the bag they have promised, there seems to be a way to seek justice in the matter. Players have begun suggesting that the victims do not accept the 500 Atom Compensation and instead submit a complaint to ASA, the Advertising Standards Authority, as the agreement represents false advertising. Several dealers, including Bethesda, still show Canvas Bag that comes with the Power Armor Edition, although Bethesda has now added a disclaimer that the bag is not a proper representation of the final product. Nevertheless, the description continues that it is a purse, so some people may still be disappointed if they do not carefully check the fine.

Fallout 76 has been widely used by players and critics, so Collector Edition owners can not take much comfort when playing the game itself. While the game is likely to improve over time, there is nothing to say about or when Bethesda will take further action to make Collector’s Edition failure right.

Fallout 76 is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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