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Fallout 76 bags went to influencers instead of actual buyers

Bethesda hit the ball at $ 200 Power Armor Edition when it came to the bag quality and said they…

Bethesda hit the ball at $ 200 Power Armor Edition when it came to the bag quality and said they were too expensive to do. It seems to give away high quality Fallout 76 bags to influencers were not that expensive.

The players have complained about the nylon bags they received in the $ 200 Power Armor Edition of Fallout 76 instead of the advertised tablecloths and when they asked Bethesda for help, they were told that the bags were too expensive to do and the company will not do something about it. They offered $ 5 value of microtransactions as compensation.

Now the bags that affect the Greenbrier event are not the same from Bethesda’s Power Promoter Edition promotional material, but they are bags and are more expensive than the cheap nylon fans spent $ 200 on. The main picture was taken from NukemDukem’s unboxing video while present at the early Fallout 76 preview.

Obviously, he received the bag for free and it also included a phone or charger that looks like a vault boy. Staying at the Greenbrier resort was paid for and the rooms were decorated to resemble the Fallout Series art style. This was not simply reserved for NukemDukem, as all influences present at the event received the same package .

All this could not have been cheap, but Bethesda paid out for it and gave it all away, probably hoping that early impression of Fallout 76 would prove to be beneficial.

Bethesda  Image of a YouTuber Holding a Purse Bag Marketing Estimated More Than The Actual Paying Customers Today

In other words, marketing costs and Bethesda did not spend money on that situation. But in the case of fans who paid $ 200 in advance, they were turned away and offered what is absolutely sincere, an insulting replacement.

Unfortunately, this game came in modern times. Marketing is what sells games and is therefore more important for companies than customer satisfaction. It’s as if Steve Jobs predicted the future decades ago.

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