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Falconies are too good to be such a bad Bleacher Report

Chris Graythen / Getty Images You are welcome to consider the unofficial death of 201 8 Atlanta Falcons, who stumbled…

Chris Graythen / Getty Images

You are welcome to consider the unofficial death of 201

8 Atlanta Falcons, who stumbled everywhere in typical Falcon’s fashion in a great location, Thanksgiving Night Against New Orleans Saints.

Even without starters Keanu Neal and Deion Jones on defense and Devonta Freeman, Andy Levitre and Brandon Fusco in violation, Falcons has one of the most talented rosters in the NFL. They’ve been hit hard by injuries, but they also have 10-1 Los Angeles Rams, 9-2 Kansas City Chiefs and several other challengers.

There is no roster-related excuse for why the Falcons have lost three consecutive November Games to fall almost out of battle at 4-7. Few expected that they hit the fiery hot Saints in New Orleans on short rest, but hardly hit a fight in a 31-17 defeat that contained a dump to make a one-sided business more competitive than it was.

Not that we should be surprised. It was a trend unde r 2017 as Falcons struggled to be acclimatized to the offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian’s system. Last year, a crash led the league in points in 2016 17 or less points six times (something that happened once in Kyle Shanahan’s last season at the offensive).

It makes it impossible to create a track and make a round, why Falcons has not won more than three consecutive games since the unforgettable but now eliminated 2016 campaign.

But it’s not about the staff. The Falcons represented the Saints while they recorded more than twice as many transition hours as their stubborn opponents on Thursday night. They were on average as many meters per game, but they were the inferior team at the moment. New Orleans was better on third downs, New Orleans was less mistaken-inclined and New Orleans was a better finisher.

The surface levels indicate Falcons generated 17 points on four red zone units against the saints That number is too low at first (it should be at least 20), but it does not take into account the fact that seven of these points came on the above-mentioned dump tip. In addition, Atlanta fumbles in the Red Zone lost on two gigs that started on or beyond the 30-yard line.

Technically, the Falcons ruled the ball inside the New Orleans 20-yard line five times while the game was still in now. They hit it into three of these cases and in another Ryan took a killer bag (one in six at night), which forced them to settle for a short field goal.

That talks about the mental strength of this song, as well as its inability to

It precedes sarcasm, as coaching in Pac-12 when the Falcons lost four of their first five playoff games with Ryan at the center.

In the first seven years of Ryan’s career, the overall compilation compiled the overall 80.8 fourth quarter compared to 91.3 in the first three quarters. From 2013 to 2015, 70 percent of his interceptions came in the second half of the game and from 2013 to 2016 he threw an NFL high 11 interceptions during the last two minutes of the fourth quarter (seven of these picks came in a one-point game).

Pre-Sark Falcons had a reputation for blowing big leads even before they blew the ultimate big lead against the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl LI.

The Falcons masqueraded their choir mentality 2016 because Shanahan’s crime was so damn good that they rarely had to wipe out games. They did not meet much adversity, and we saw what happened when they finally did.

But now Shanahan is gone, and sarcasm has not become so much of the talent on that side of the ball. Consequently, Falcons is only 14-13 since the Super Bowl loss, and their crimes are 13th in football with one point per game average of 23.4 during that period.

Many who fall on their offensive coordinators, as – as former NFL offensive line-man Geoff Schwartz pointed out with an eye-opening example Thursday night -seems lacking the ability to adjust and change his setting: [19659013] Geoff Schwartz @ geoffschwartz

The Saints must also have seen something on film. They put pressure from the safety all the game and the Falcons have not blocked them once. No adjustment from the passport either.

Jones, who remains his brightest star, has scored just six touchdowns in the 27 games. He is often the pinnacle when Sarkisia’s redson breach is criticized – something we should expect more of following Thursday’s debacle in New Orleans.

Do not forget it with the season on the line since last year’s divisional-round matchup with the eagles, the sarcasm pulled their running game and developed the tunnel vision. Ryan threw four consecutive passes on a final series inside the 10-yard line, three of which went to a well-known Jones.

Philadelphia Security Malcolm Jenkins later cheated on the sarcasian way through that he and his teammates knew what games came fourth down “before breaking the huddle”.

In the next football game they played against the same opponent and in an incredibly similar situation, they leaned on a double-played Jones on several occasions. In 2018 the first time the opener reached Falconen three times the Eagles 15-yard line and dropped off with zero points on these devices.

So much has not changed, and it may be too late for smaller tweaks. It is obvious that Sarkisian is not the right man for this job, and he should be freed from his mission between now and black Monday.

Scott Cunningham / Getty Images

In addition, the head coach Dan Quinn should not be much safer. It was Quinn who was in control during the most infamous championship game in the NFL story, and remember The Falcons team’s success had little to do with Quinn’s field of competence, and while the defense made huge progress in 2017, it has even repeated the device been a mess again this season.

It’s not about roster. No-one expects Falcons to give up on Ryan a few months after signing him to a new contract of five years, $ 150 million, and his supportive throw is unlikely to go anywhere. The young fast defense can also bounce, especially when Neal and Jones are healthy.

Falcones have Super Bowl talent, and it’s likely to be the fall next season, but the team’s continued lack of consistency Waiting enforcement should lead to significant changes in coming weeks and months.

Otherwise, we will probably write this song’s obit again before the winter comes to 2019.

Brad Gagnon has covered the NFL for Bleacher Report since 2012. [19659044]
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