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Faithful Red Sox fans play stains before the championship parade

And they're gone!The Red Sox victory parade has begun through the Boston streets, team members loaded on colorful duck boats,…

And they’re gone!

The Red Sox victory parade has begun through the Boston streets, team members loaded on colorful duck boats, which thousands of fans cheated on.

] Boston celebrates Red Sox’s ninth World Series championships, and at Fenway Park on Wednesday mornings, team members celebrated the historic win with fans before today’s breathless boat parade through the streets of the city. At the front of the parade was an anchor boat carrying members of Dropkick Murphy’s.

During a ceremony earlier this day in the ballpark, the fans went wild when Manager Alex Cora appeared on stage during a pregame party.

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“It was a great drive, it was a great year,” he said.

Cora praised his team’s work over the past season and thanked the team owner for hiring him as Red Sox boss last year.

“They gave me a shot. They trusted me,” said Cora.

Steve Pearce, the team’s MVP for the World Series, grew up a Red Sox fan. He was asked how he would have reacted if he was told that he would ride a duckling one day as part of a Red Sox championship.

“He would have believed it. This is a dream for me,” said Pearce.

Jackie Bradley, Jr. said about the upcoming parade: “It will be a lot of fun … we can not wait to see all, “Bradley said.

In the vicinity, crew members placed in the team World Series championship trophies on a table in the rack. Governor Charlie Baker and Boston Mayor Marty Walsh also rocked Red Sox sweatshirts during the pre-parade celebration.

At Boylston Street, Boston police said in a Twitter post, it was a lot of enthusiasm from fans.

“Men and women in #BPD are happy to keep everyone safe today at @ RedSox #WorldSeries Victory Parade !!! Let’s behave as a champion today !!!” wrote the police.

Local officials – including mayor Martin J. Walsh – asked visitors to take public transport. And it seems that fans took advices: The MBTA reports are many of their parking spaces full, including Riverside, Wonderland, Alefwife and Quincy Adams.

Earlier in the morning, some fans already had their favorite spots stuck out hours before the parade began.

Irene Kelley, of Melrose, snagged a front rack just outside Park Street Station at 07:41. She packed a lunch, a book and put a small chair to sit in, just against the barrier that forms the parade road.

“I was not sure what the main line of sitting time was … so I thought it was good to come early, even if it was too early,” she said.

Kelley said the parade and the World Series win are important to her because her father, a big Sox fan, went away last year.

“I give him … credit for this,” she said. “He was born in 1919 and followed them all these years.”

Sande Collins, Bolton, is an innovator. In 2013, when she watches Red Sox rolling down Boylston Street on Duck Boats, she used a cement flower bed – no flowers in it, do not worry – like a bench and later get on to watch the parade.

This time she does it again .

“We had a great view last time,” she said, waiting for her husband, daughter and her daughter’s friends to come and go with her.

On Tremont Street, Brooke Jacobs and her brother Michael, traveled from Bellingham to paradise. They stood at the barrier, sank Dunkin’s coffee and tried to stay warm before the rally. The siblings jumped over the work of the day, with their respective employers’ blessing.

Brooke, who teaches Newton, told his boss that the school had better find a replacement – because she would not miss a parade.

“I was like,” I do not come in. “” She said laughing while holding a “badly done” sign.

They have participated in all Boston Sports teams championships since 2011 together and always return to the same location along the way.

“[The] The first time we went, we met a couple of people hanging here, why not come back, says Michael.

Alex Staples, 22, stood up at dawn and drove into Boston from Maine to meet his friend, Nicole Schena, 22, Andover. The couple arrived at 6:30

It was their first championship match, but the couple were lucky enough to participate in Game 2 of the World Series at Fenway Park.

On Wednesday morning found a hill along Boylston Street – – A small brick island on a normally busy crossing – where they set up camps.

“We got a little corner,” Staples said.

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