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Facebook would be planning to create its own ‘Bitcoin’

Facebook would be planning to create its own'Bitcoin'

Facebook , the same company that at the time decided to ban ads from cryptocurrencies in the social network, he could throw his own one soon. At least that’s what they say from the, alleging that the company intends to facilitate transactions between users and payments within the platform itself.

Although the brand has not commented on the matter, in the middle of this week there were clues that confirmed that, led by the very same David Marcus, former leader of Messenger. If it becomes a reality the Bitcoin of Facebook , this would probably be the division responsible for its development.

The cryptocurrency of Facebook would facilitate purchases in the social network

Facebook would be planning to create its own'Bitcoin'

Facebook would be planning to create its own'Bitcoin'

You do not have too many details at the moment about the supposed cryptocurrency of Facebook, and the most we know is that will be specifically focused on facilitating payments within the social network , probably at the time of acquiring own services of Facebook and its partners – in the last F8 conference,, so this would probably be one of the platforms benefited by the arrival of the aforementioned cryptocurrency-

Otherwise, it seems to be confirmed that David Marcus will be the leader in the development of this project , which to this day does not seem to be more than that, and to see it materialize I’m afraid we’ll have to wait at least a few months.

It is not the first time that we have to report on a company whose plan is to develop its own cryptocurrency . Only a few months ago,, although finally the project was canceled for reasons that are still unknown. However, the objectives of Telegram with its cryptocurrency would be very different from what Facebook seems to have according to the information that reaches us today.