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Facebook swings its portals video chat devices that are going for sale today will not spy on you – BGR

Facebook is Facebook, the social networking giant has decided to assure some fears and anticipate the launch of its new…

Facebook is Facebook, the social networking giant has decided to assure some fears and anticipate the launch of its new portal video units sold in the US from today – the units are Facebook’s first hardware products the company has built itself – with a long list of what Portal does and does not appear on the company’s official blog. A list that is equivalent to Facebook and says yes, we know we are the world’s largest social networking company and have been at the center of the number of privacy tabs throughout our history and especially 2018. But if you buy a portal we promise we will not spy on your videos or use the product as a bulky new portal in the lives of our users.

Whether you believe it or not, another thing is entirely. As regards the details, the portal comes in two forms, one smaller version for 1

99 kronor and one larger for 349 kronor (you get a 100 kronor discount if you buy two together). As for how it will really work, as we have already reported, it’s a video chat device that is largely based on Facebook Messenger. The company says that your videos will be encrypted, the camera can be turned off, and Portal will also be delivered with a plastic cover to keep the camera under cover if you want. Facebook says that it does not listen, watch or hold the content of your video calls, and in an interview with Bloomberg Facebook’s vice president of consumer goods was Andrew Bosworth’s remark: This is not a data collection operation. ”

Facebook shared more information in the company’s blog post before the release and stated privacy protection:

” No one says on a video call called Facebook or used for advertising, “the company says.” Portals video calls are encrypted so your calls are secure. Smart Camera and Smart Sound use AI technology that runs locally on Portal, not on Facebook servers. Portals camera does not identify who you are. “

Facebook points out that when using Portal, the company processes the same information as it does when using Facebook products on other devices – information like how often you use a feature or app that can inform the ads you see over The company’s ecosystem. And make no mistake, Facebook will actually pay attention to a lot of details regarding portal usage, the company continues. Even down to things like volume level, number of bytes received and image resolution, as well as the frequency and length of your calls. ” This information can be used to target ads, “explains the company’s post.” For example, if you make lots of video calls, you may see some ads that call video calls. This information does not contain the content of your video calls. “

You can delete portal voice history in your Facebook activity log. The blog post ends with a reminder that the portal will not show Facebook ads, but you may see ads from some third party applications on Portal, as from music partners. [19659003] Per Bloomberg paragraph “The data that the portal collects now will be useful to Facebook as all activity on Instagram and Messenger is. But it’s not that valuable, but said Bosworth. “Although this was the most successful hardware product in history, it would not be significant compared to those we already use Messenger,” which already has more than 1 billion users, said Bosworth. “

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