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Facebook notes Nick Clegg as a new head flack

Facebook, which appears to be in the ever-hot chair, on Friday called the former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg…

Facebook, which appears to be in the ever-hot chair, on Friday called the former British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg in a decisive role.

Clegg will be the Social Network War’s new head of global affairs and communications, Facebook Chief Operations Manager Sheryl Sandberg said in a Friday morning Facebook post. He will succeed Elliot Schrage, who announced in June that he would leave.

“Our company is on a critical trip,” Sandberg said in his post. “The challenges we face are serious and clear, and now, we need more than ever new perspectives to help us in this changeover.” She added that Clegg’s experience and ability to work through complex issues will be invaluable in the coming years. “

Facebook handles the aftermath of its Cambridge Analytica scandal, where the political data consultant enjoyed the information from up to 87 million Facebook users without their permission. The crisis took President Mark Zuckerberg to Washington for two days of congressional grilling in April. [1

9659002] Last month, Sandberg explained at a hearing by the Senate Intelligence Committee, where she was asked about social media role in foreign involvement in US elections, fees for Facebook being biased towards conservatives and more. Facebook is not alone in being under the rule microscope – other technical giants Sandberg also co-operated with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at the hearing. And Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who was strikingly absent on time, is planning to make a turn for legislators in the next few weeks. 19659006] Clegg, who led the Liberal Democrats for several years and was St. U.K. No. 2 politicians from 2010 to 2015 can be crucial because Facebook is trying to improve its relationship with European regulatory authorities who have expressed their views on US tech giants. For example, European politicians and regulators have criticized how little businesses pay taxes – Clegg has been one of these critics – and Facebook is on that list.

Appointing a politician in an operational role – not a boarding seat – makes Facebook management look “clueless,” says technical analyst Rob Enderle from the Enderle Group.

“Politicians are a mixed blessing because they can have some impact on their own but are likely to be perceived negatively by them in competing parties.” Enderle said Friday. “Coming from Britain, undergoing Brexit, would further reduce their effectiveness in the EU where Facebook has its biggest problem.”

When it comes to problems, Clegg will handle many of them on Facebook as he moves across the pond.

Later, the company revealed another issue that could further erode users’ trust and increase their regulatory requirements. Hackers gained access to information from tens of millions of users.

In addition, a new trial accuses Facebook to inflate its ad-watching statistics up to 900 percent – and know about the error for more than a year before it was disclosed.

To get it all, there are new calls for Facebook to separate CEO and Chairman roles, both held by Zuckerberg. Facebook shareholders have rejected previous efforts, but now, public officials in four states – which oversee public pension funds investing in the company – have proposed another proposal. But Facebook’s shareholder structure guarantees Zuckerberg’s great control: He owns about 60 percent of the votes.

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