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Facebook launches Lasso, its music and video TikTok clone – TechCrunch

Completed cloning Snapchat, Facebook is now searching Chinese short-form video coverage TikTok with the launch of its groundbreaking Lasso. Available…

Completed cloning Snapchat, Facebook is now searching Chinese short-form video coverage TikTok with the launch of its groundbreaking Lasso. Available now for iOS and Android, Lasso Facebook’s response to the zany mobile lipsyncing playground has been provided with young users, both in China and in the West.

The release confirms TechCrunch’s scoop last month that the company built an app called Lasso to let people share short videos with audio tracks. With TikTok, which looks like the next big thing, it’s not surprising to see Facebook game hunting, much as it was successful when Snapchat posed an existential threat.

A Facebook spokesman confirmed that the launch of Lasso on IOS and Android is only in the United States at the moment and tells us. “Lasso is a new stand-alone app for short-lived entertaining videos &#821

1; from comedy to beauty to fitness and more. We are excited about the potential here and we will gather feedback from people and creators.” While Lasso was released under the Facebook umbrella, the company launched The informal and relatively small fanfare via a tweet from a product manager on the team.

Lasso lets you shoot up to 15 seconds long videos (no uploads allowed) and overlap popular songs. The app centers around an algorithmic flow of recommended video clips, but also lets you hit the hashtags or a Browse page in the themes collections.

Lasso app

The original slate of videos sown by Lasso beta users looks pretty good, uses millions of songs in its audio track directory. There are no enhanced enforcement effects or crazy filters found in TikTok, but users already exploit the straight and fast playback functionality to create fun clips. Overall, the app feels well built and has the colorful and playful teenage life.

Facebook releases surprisingly Lasso under its own name, instead of trying to hide the connection to its social network that younger users have abandoned. You can log in with Facebook or Instagram to get instant customization, with the ability to syndicate your Lassos to Facebook Stories with the Instagram option are coming soon. All content and profiles of Lasso are very public, which may give rise to some concern for older users who learn to dance teenagers. had its own major problems with inappropriate subagent content. Its top-rated leaderboards often included scant-dressed pre-teens who danced to racy pop songs, which apparently flared US COPPA protection laws. Lasso contains a report button, but it is unclear where Facebook will draw the line on what is allowed.

The big question is if Lasso is too late. rose to over 200 million registered users before they were acquired by Chinese tech giant ByteDance and rolled into its similar app TikTok. The app has become an epic increase in recent months, which became a global phenomenon that surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in downloads in October.

While Instagram and Facebook were massively successful in cloning Snapchat’s stories, they had the advantage of building the feature in their already popular applications. Lasso has to start as a stand-alone app, and Facebook’s former teen-focused standalone such as Slingshot and Poke failed spectacularly with the same strategy. Facebook will have to hope that the original source of content creators will prove so convincing that people convince people to download a brand new app, which may be an upside-even for Facebook.

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