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Facebook goes on the hunt for “game streamers” with


Facebook is lately on everyone’s lips, and not precisely for the best reasons. They do not stop happening episodes of filtering of illegitimate data as much as the good Mark Zuckerberg promises more transparency, while the social network little by little goes losing the credit of the younger public . Perhaps it is for the latter, and in a further attempt to revitalize its ecosystem, that one of the new innovations of Facebook is the creation of a page dedicated to the “streamers” of video games.

Facebook seems to have reached the conclusion that the market of professional players who give classes and tutorials on Youtube and Internet about the most popular games can be very lucrative, and although it is not a virgin market precisely (Twitch, Mixer and YouTube Gaming are proof of this), this giant of social networks relies on the weight of its brand and its generous resources to take a hole in the cake. the latest news from Facebook

As far as we have been able to know, Facebook would be currently building a panel of games called “”, which gives “gamers” the possibility of having their own profile for streaming and some tools to be able to monetize their content. which we assume will be the main claim for these players.

These streamers would also be given the chance to join a program called “Level Up”, quite similar to the Twitch affiliate program, which would provide them with early access to the latest functions of the platform.

Facebook goes on the hunt for"game streamers" with

For now it seems that this new initiative is working, with the players of Fortnite and BattleUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the most views and viewers behind them, which is not surprising given the enormous popularity of these games. would allow users to follow suggested streamers, search for content by scenes or sequences and little else, so it is currently a bit limited in its functions, but Facebook has already announced that they will soon add new features.

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Facebook goes on the hunt for"game streamers" with

Facebook goes on the hunt for"game streamers" with

For now it’s early to know if the latest news from Facebook will triumph or if everything will stay in a want and I can not. And is that Facebook can be a giant, but equal or greater companies have failed in markets that were not their specialty, and once the young pubic loses interest in something, the truth is that it is usually quite difficult to get it back. Time will tell what it holds