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Facebook also gives our data to mobile manufacturers


The scandal around Facebook does not stop. After the controversy surrounding the transfer of data from the social network to Cambridge Analytica it seems that it is only the tip of the iceberg of the treatment of our private data managed by the managers of Mark Zuckerberg’s company. The founder of the social network has already apologized for everything discovered, but it seems that he will have to do it again after discovering that Facebook also gives our data to mobile manufacturers .

Years ago Facebook It prevented third-party application developers from accessing our friends’ data but, according to new research whose results are published today in The New York Times, manufacturers from phones and tablets apparently also had access to the information. According to the American media, About 60 manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets have had access to user data hosted on the social network , Including Apple, Amazon, Blackberry and Samsung.

Facebook also gives our data to mobile manufacturers

The most striking thing is that, despite the fact that in 2015 the access to data was “capped” for application developers, the same has not happened with mobile phone manufacturers, which is why many of these agreements cession of data between Facebook and the companies are still valid.

How does Facebook share data with manufacturers?

The aforementioned agreements allow the functions of Facebook they will be integrated into the phones of the manufacturers that have received them, allowing, for example, users of Blackberry Call your Facebook friends from the phone app. As we say, Facebook did not treat these manufacturers of devices as third parties, which allows them, in addition to applying functions in the form of an API, to access user data without their consent … or knowledge.

In addition to collecting our data, these agreements even allowed us to recover the data of a user’s friends, so you do not need to have a mobile phone from some of the manufacturers affected by the agreement with Facebook, because if a friend had any One, your private data could also end up in the hands of mobile phone companies.

Facebook has already responded to the report of the New York Times affirming that the company controlled these agreements “from the beginning” and that the matter is very different from what has happened with Cambridge Analytica .

These partners signed agreements that prevented our users’ Facebook information from being used for any purpose other than recreating experiences similar to those of Facebook

At the moment none of the manufacturers mentioned in the article has pronounced on the matter.