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Facards suspension of governor, Broward's election boss calls it to be terminated

Story Continued Below [19659006] Norris-Weeks told Sun Sentinel that the 75-year-old Snipes wanted to spend more time with her family.…

 Brenda Snipes. "Title =" Brenda Snipes. Snipes sent a letter of resignation to the state officials in Tallahassee just as the story ended. | Getty Images </p> </figcaption> </figure></div> <p> In front of the likelihood of a painful removal from office, Broward County's highly maligned election officer, Brenda Snipes, announced Sunday that she will resign </p> <p> Snipes sent a resignation letter to state officials in Tallahassee just as the story ended, her lawyer Burnadette Norris-Weeks told South Florida Sun Sentinel, who first reported the news. letters were not immediately available or the exact date of her departure was clear, reported. </p> <p class= Story Continued Below [19659006] Norris-Weeks told Sun Sentinel that the 75-year-old Snipes wanted to spend more time with her family. [19659004] Had she not stopped, she met the likelihood of being retired, POLITICO f first reported last week, either through outbound gov. Rick Scott or incoming Gov.-Selected Ron DeSantis after Broward County became the poster child for another botched Florida election. Lt. Gov. Carlos Lopez-Cantera may also be able to suspend her if Scott leaves the office a few days in early January because of the start of the new congress after his election to the United States Senate.

Snipe’s office failed to give regular voting total updates to the state every 45 minutes as the numbers came in, causing tens of thousands of votes in the US Senate competitions, the governor and the agricultural commissioner apparently materialized from the thin air. As a result, the margins of the Republicans shrunk because of the large number of voices in the Democratic Highlands of Broward, Florida’s second most popular county.

When Scott’s Senate Campaign asked for basic information about the number of voices left to be counted – information to be available – Snipes could not or would not like to provide it. Scott was convinced.

“Every floridian should be worried that there may be sad deception happening in Palm Beach and Broward Counties,” Scott noted on November 8, leveling off an accusation of crime he could not support. “And Broward’s Chief of Choice Brenda Snipes has a story to act in evil faith.

Snipe’s lawyer told the news media that she had wrongly reached 22 dubious polls in a pile of voices to the state. But Snipes denied it later. She then left the results of the first machine review late to the state.
Then she could not count about 2000 valors during a manual conversion.

“The meetings are in the building. The meetings are in the building, “Snipes told reporters on Saturday, but she could not say exactly where they were.

Democrats are also upset with Snipes. The vote she deserved for the election dropped the US Senate race at the bottom left of the page under the instructions . As many as 25,000 voters did not vote in the race – perhaps because they did not see it – which made the voting rate in the county race disproportionately high compared with other counties.

Some Democrats believe that the bad vote could have cost late Bill Nelson’s seat, which he lost with only 10.033 votes of nearly 8.2 million cast.

Midterm’s 2018 was not the office’s first brush with controversy. It broke federal law by destroying polls that a failed candidate had a legal right to review Judge ruled this year. At the same time, Snipes lost a lawsuit against the Republican Party in Florida over h from she handled voting ballot votes. In 2016, she also sent out a handful of unprotected absentee voices.

As far back as 2004 – her first big choice as a supervisor – Snipes reported that 58,000 absentee votes were lost.

The problems in Broward preceded Snipes. Her predecessor, Miriam Oliphant, resigned from the office when Gov. Jeb Bush 2003 after botching 2002’s primary. He replaced her with Snipes, which was then elected. Together with President Donald Trump and later Marco Rubio, Bush either called Scott or DeSantis to kick Snipes outside the office.

“There is no doubt that Broward County’s Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes failed to follow Florida Bill on Multiple Bills, undermining Floridian’s confidence in our electoral process,” Bush said on Twitter last Monday. “Supervisor Snipes should be removed from their office after the statements.”

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