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F.D.A. Plan to apply for a ban on menthol cigarettes

"Juul clearly contributed to the really significant uptake of young people using e-cigarettes," said Mrs. "At this time there are…

“Juul clearly contributed to the really significant uptake of young people using e-cigarettes,” said Mrs. “At this time there are a lot of other versions of the Juul Alikesna, they have similar shapes and flavors, and are appealing to the same audience.”

The fight against menthol cigarettes has continued for decades.

According to the NAACP Youth Against Menthol Campaign, about 85 percent of African-American smokers aged 12 years and up with menthol’s cigarettes, compared to 29 percent of white smokers, the organization calls for a result of decades of culturally tailored tobacco companies.

The most popular mentol brand in the United States is Newport, which is the second largest selling cigarette brand in the industry, according to RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company. Imperial Brands has two strong sellers, Kool and Salem. Altrias best selling cigarette, Marlboro, is also found in menthol, like R.J.’s camel.

A spokesman for R. J. Reynolds declined to comment. Altria and Imperial Brands could not be reached immediately.

In a joint statement on Friday, the campaign for non-smoking children, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Lung Association and several other public health groups said that action on menthol cigarettes

“There is overwhelming scientific evidence that menthol cigarettes have had a deep negative impact on public health in the United States, resulting in more death and disease, “said the organizations.

Even federal health workers were released new reports this week, indicating that traditional smoking had reached record low since 1965, smoking-related deaths are currently still around 480,000 in the United States each year.

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