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EZ joins the club in season 1 final

Mayan MC season finals were filled with both action and response. Here is a complete breakdown of the last episode…

Mayan MC season finals were filled with both action and response. Here is a complete breakdown of the last episode of season 1.

Happy Lowman (David LaBrava) is back. For those of you who do not remember (or did not look at) Sons of Anarchy Happy is a crazy lunatic from the Son’s California chapter without regard to human life. He was a very well behaved character in the SOA, but apparently it will change for Mayan fans.

Let’s first focus on the massive shocker from the first half of the final. EZ and Angel were commissioned to “eliminate” his cousin and former DEA agent Kevin Jiminez, which posed a problem for the ever so handsome Lincoln Potter.

If you thought Jiminez would get away or fake the murder to avoid killing a hero, you’ve forgotten how Kurt Sutter is running his TV shows. Originally Felipe wants to do this for his children, but he retires and tells Jiminez to go north and be with his family. He later tells Angel that he could not do it because he “is not that person anymore”.

Felipe showed compassion and restraint, both Angel and EZ had other feelings about the task. Angel was the first to confront Jiminez and knew that what he had to do was bigger than he and his cousin. He arrived a few minutes before EZ, who may have saved his life by jumping into and killing Jiminez’s old boss, Bowen (Curtiss Cook), who was there to meet Jiminez during lunch.

Page Note: Can we discuss how fast EZ trigger is in terms of policy? He still teaches the ropes in this new world of violence and crime, but he has the fastest triggering mission on earth in terms of police. Hopefully, it will not make him any more problems in the future.

Thank you to EZ and Angel, this time have saved both of their lives. Angel had no idea that Jiminez’s DEA parties were there and would have been killed if EZ had not been shown. EZ took down Bowen and before Jiminez could get one word, Angel finished the job.

Lincoln was not pleased with the extra accident, but the action taken was sufficient for him to erase EZ’s record from any criminal database of all criminal information. However, he told EZ that “he owes him one” which means that more problems are likely for EZ (and we’ll enjoy more of the shining / frustrating pots).

The angel has a much harder time to handle this whole situation than EZ is. He is in a dark place, and he makes it known for both his love interest Adelita and his father Felipe. When Angel tells Felipe to take care of Jiminez, Felipe asks how EZ does. This obviously frustrates Angel, who feels like he has taken a back seat to EZ all his life. Clayton Cardenas does an incredible job showing the pain his character moves through, all for his brother, who believes he is forced out of Mayan MC world after his record is erased.

Bishop’s important meetings

Unfortunately for angel, EZ is always a step forward. At the end of the episode, the bishop has two very significant discussions. One with Marcus Alvarez and one with EZ. While we think the EZ meets to get out of M.C. business, he actually asks bishop to sponsor him and say that the family asks between him and the angel begins to weigh on his sponsorship and that this should not determine his destiny. Angel now has no choice but to see that his brother climbs into the club (we assume eventually).

The meeting with Alvarez was a tough bishop. One of his best friends and immediate allies goes up into the crime world. With Devante out of the picture, Miguel Galindo needs a new advisor. As credible, you experienced Miguel Galindo. This is good for us, as it means Alvarez, the regulars Sons and Mayans will be much more involved in future seasons like Galindo’s right man.

The last moments of season 1

Back to Happy. He and a couple of other sons are in town to look up a gun agreement for future business. Mayan hosts a party, one that both Happy and EZ participate. First of all, most of us were happy to see Happy, a Son’s regular and serious favorites, until EZ’s photographic memories came back to haunt us all.

In the last missing part of EZ’s memories of revenge for his mother’s death, we find out who the saved assassinated killer was. After shooting a police, EZ ignores the police’s warnings and chases after the person he believes killed his mother. Before he gets caught, he gets a glimpse of the killer’s face. It’s happy.


Whether Glad is the Reyes mother’s killer or not yet to be discovered. Perhaps he was about to sell the vehicle, or maybe the car was stolen. Anyway, Happy will be a key to EZ and investigate how and why the murder happened.

Most importantly, EZ currently stands across Mayan MC farm from the person he believes killed his mother, leaving us with a cliff hanger of a lifetime. At the beginning of next season, it’s safe to give fireworks, so sure, EZ will confront Happy and find out the truth about her mom.

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Other important moments from the finals [19659011] There are some important takeaways from this amazing episode. Potter will of course play a big part in the next season. He now (believes he has) control over the Galindo cartel and can put his plans in place to raise the rebels. Little does he know, Adelita and Miguel are also partners and Miguel, who is now a partner with Alvarez, does not intend to make life easy for Potter.

Other Son Favorites will also be prominent characters in the season 2. Both Alvarez and Happy look forward to being series games, with important stories surrounding them both. This is great for the fans Sons of Anarchy who enjoy Mayan and all the fans who may not have seen Son because these two characters are both easy to love (in some capacity).

Finally, Adelita and the rebels may be good. In a scene where Adelita speaks to “her little mouse”, which is uncomfortable in a home and not in a tent and says things like “What happens if we need to get away?” Adelita assures her that they are safe and later find her sleeping on the floor instead of in bed provided.

This can be foreclosure, as it is good for the rebels at the moment, but who knows what the future holds. They are still in demand by Potter and his group, and certainly Miguel is still a little upset if his children are stolen a few weeks ago.

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