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Ex-deputy of El Chapo reveals how reputable drug kingpin repeatedly tried to kill him

A photographic reproduction of a drawing by Jane Rosenberg showing Joaquin 'El Chapo & # 39; Guzman, right, assistant lawyer…

A top Lieutenant in a powerful Mexican drug cartel in the 1

990s claims that he survived four attempts on his life ordered by his boss, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman.

Miguel Angel Martinez appeared in court for a second day on Wednesday as a prosecution at a drug blunder against Guzman.

On the stand, Martinez said he never gave Guzman a reason to want him dead. He described himself as loyal to the reputed drug dealer and helped him to arrange massive transport of cocaine that received his boss million. Martinez said that the two became so close, he was asked to be the godfather of Guzman’s son.

“I never failed. I never stole from him. I looked over his family,” he said. “And all I ever received from him was four attacks against me.”

Martinez said it was after his own arrest in the early 1990s when the attempts at his life began.


When he was arrested and sent to a prison in Mexico City, Martinez said he was hired in his own prison cell by Others detained and crushed 15 times.

After returning from the hospital, he was sent back to the same cell with the same feeder, saying that a second stabbing attack took place.

At night I heard them polishing their knives, their knives, he said.

He survived three stabbing attacks before being transferred to another prison where he learned that everyone who successfully killed him would receive money from the cartel.

The last and most dramatic attempt in his life, he said, came one morning when a man armed with a gun and a grenade attempted to force himself into the Martinez cell. He fought with a guard but managed to throw the grenade into the cell.

Martinez, who survived, eventually transferred to the United States, claiming to pay drug charges and began collaborating in other US drug smuggling cases to a certain extent deserving him a reduced sense, cash payment and entry into a white-collar protection program, he said.

The testimony came during the third week of a trial at a New York Penthouse, where Guzman has been charged with not committing human trafficking could land him in an American prison for life if he was convicted. His defense says he is framed by Martinez and other collaborators.

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