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Ex-Brown's coach Hue Jackson lands in Cincinnati

CINCINNATI – Formerly Cleveland Brown's coach Hue Jackson returns to Bengal's coaching staff for the third time in Cincinnati, which…

CINCINNATI – Formerly Cleveland Brown’s coach Hue Jackson returns to Bengal’s coaching staff for the third time in Cincinnati, which has been appointed Special Assistant for the Head coach.

“I have a high level of comfort with nuance and his ability to help me with daily responsibility for defense, including analyzing our opponents and helping me on match days with players and defensive coaches,” said Bengal coach Marvin Lewis in a statement.

The Bengals fired defensive coordinator Teryl Austin on Monday after a 51-14 blowout loss for the Saints.

“I’m glad to get the chance to join Bengals this season,” Jackson said in a statement. much talent at this point and I look forward to doing my part to help it get strong this season. “

Lewis has taken the role of calling the defensive games. When he asked Monday how he could handle them additional information, Lewis logged and said, “I have a plan.”

Asked Jackson to join the staff, Lewis laughed and said, “Look and see.”

It’s no secret that Jackson and Lewis have a f rälskelse for each other that goes back many years. Jackson has called Lewis his best friend, and Lewis has referred to him as a brother he never had.

Jackson was Bengal’s wide recipient coach from 2004 to 06, Secondary Assistant and Special Team Trainer 201

2, Back Trainer 2013 and Offensive Coordinator from 2014 to 15.

The two men talk on the phone almost every week and often speak glowingly, so it was speculated that Jackson could get back to Cincinnati after fired in Cleveland on October 29th. But a Bengals source said early that the burn that broke Jackson back was not on the immediate radar, and Lewis declined to answer any questions in a press conference just after the flight was announced.

“I will not make a headline,” he said at that time.

It seemed to have changed this week after Austin’s departure and Lewis took on additional information. It was not the first time Lewis took him back.

Lewis found Jackson a place on staff after Jackson was fired after just one season in Oakland 2011 and Jackson came close to being the main bus waiting in Cincinnati.

Both men proposed a follow-up plan for Bengal’s ownership that would make Jackson take over after Lewis stepped down, but Jackson instead went to Cleveland instead and went 3-36-1 before firing.

The length and details of Jackson’s contract in Cincinnati have not been disclosed.

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