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Everything we learned from Russo Brothers Q and A – / Film

A surprise in Infinity War involved the return of Red Skull for the first time since Captain America: The First…

A surprise in Infinity War involved the return of Red Skull for the first time since Captain America: The First Avenger . As the Russians say, the character has been on a journey since the events of Captain America . He is now slave to the stones, and he is a ghost The Russians thought about using someone else in this scene than Red Skull, but continued to come back to the character. Screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely, who wrote First Avenger fought for the appearance of the character.

While Red Skull is back, the actor is originally playing let him – Hugo Weaving – not. Weaving has been on record in the past saying he has no desire to return to MCU, but the Russians say he was asked to return and reproduce the part. They would not further develop, but it is safe to say Weaving said, “Thanks but thanks.” Ross Marquand plays the character in Infinity War .

 netflix marvel tv program

] The Netflix Marvel Characters

The Russians watched the Netflix Marvel characters – Jessica Jones, Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Daredevil – in Infinity War but It was ultimately considered too complicated to correlate history between not only the other Marvel films in production, but also the television productions. In the end, everyone decided the best way to tell the story was to keep the MCU-centric.

 Stan Lee in Spider-Man

Stan Lee Cameo

Sena Stan Lee always learned about his special cameo just before he came to put and never knocked down any of their cameos. Lee’s running joke on the set was: “Why do I always get only one row?”

 Avengers Infinity War VFX Reel

Spidey and Snap

Russo Brothers always knew what characters in Infinity War they would be damned at the end of the film after Thanos snapped their fingers. Still speaking as fans and not directors, the brothers said that Peter Parker / Spider-Man was the only character they wished they could have saved.

Talking about Spider-Man asked someone Russos to address the timeline values ​​in Spider-Man: Homecoming . A title card in this movie sets the main events 8 years after the first Avengers movie, but it is not really in line with the current Marvel timeline. The filmmakers gave a stupid answer: they did not Homecoming and their own movie is correct as far as the timeline goes. “Nuff Sa,

 Marvel Themed Lands Official Announced Three Disney Parks

Marvel Land

Disney Brings Marvel-Based Countries to Its Amusement Parks -” The New Super Hero Theme Country begins to recruit Guests in 2020, with even more new experiences to follow. The Galaxy Guardians will be united with Spider-Man and Avengers in what will be a completely immersed Super Hero universe, which promotes the development of the Disney California Adventure Park. “Then comes Russos to have some input there?” Filmmaking duo said they had been in a room with Disney Imagineers, giving a presentation about their movies and explaining what is important to them, but they are not actively involved in Disney Park’s rides. So no


The IMAX version of Infinity War did not transfer to home video. Why? It’s “complicated”, but reading between the lines seems to be partly an IMAX decision. Russos said it does not mean that the IMAX ratio version of the movie will ever be available on home cinema. In other words, do not be surprised when you get double dimensional on a new Blu-ray. Beta Ray Bill ” width=”700″ height=”365″ srcset=”–700×365.jpg 700w,–360×188.jpg 360w,–768×400.jpg 768w” sizes=”(max-width: 700px) 100vw, 700px” />

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill, the first one outside Marvel’s northern universe, worth serving Thors Hammers, Mjolnir, and the owner of Stormbreaker in the series was discussed as one possible sign several times. But the Russians and scriptwriters could never work with him in the story. Honestly, that’s fine – Infinity War has about 50,000 characters, so Beta Ray Bill can sit out here.

 avengers 4

Favorite Times

The Russo Russians have their own favorite moments in Infinity War . Joe Russo’s favorite Thor’s epic arrival in Wakanda during the final battle. In the meantime, Anthony Russo loves the emotional scene where Wanda is forced to destroy Vision’s rock.

 Marvel Studios Logo

Diversity and Strong Views

When asked about the possibility of latino characters in MCU, Russo Brothers said they would not destroy anything but that they think we’ll find MCU will continue to diversify. This is a painful answer, and while I do not want to offer spoilers, it seems too desirable, and I wish they had given something more concrete. The Russians also said that Marvel is looking for “directors to come up with a strong point of view that differs from what they think.”

 Winter Soldier / Falcon

Winter Soldier and Falcon

There have been stories of a winter soldier and Falcon spin-off TV series for the upcoming Disney + streaming service, but if this happens, Russo Brothers is not involved. That does not mean that not happens – just that filmmaker has nothing to do with it.

 Avengers Infinity War - Thanos

What is it about soul stone

Do you have questions about Soul Stone? Russians have answers! Approximately. In its own words, Soul Stone has the ability to “manipulate your soul and your being of who you are.” Thanos uses Soul Stone to drag Doctor Strange out of his own body during the stage where Strange multiplies. Thanos also uses the soul to talk to Gamora. Thanos is probably a liar

At one point in Infinity War Thanos says that all the children on Gamora’s planet “eat well” after cleansing, but In The Guardian of the Galaxy Gamora says she was the last of her breed. Is this a goof? A plot hole? A big butt? Not according to Russo. When asked about this potential mistake, they responded: “Who do you think, Thanos or Gamora?” In other words, Thanos is a lunatic who wants to wipe out half the universe, so maybe does not take him by his word.

 Guardian of the Galaxy Vol. 3 manus

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 was focused on increasing production, and all hell broke the loss. Writer director James Gunn was kicked off by Disney because of backlash involving some old, offensive tweets. This left the future of this particular franchise in doubt, and from now on it is undeniable. But that way caused no problem with Avengers 4 according to Russos, because the film was already ready to shoot when Vol. 3 was put on hold.

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