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Everyone has had their say on the Raheem Sterling Farcical Man City Penalty Event

The football world has been divided by the decision to award Manchester City a penalty on Wednesday night. Although Pep…

The football world has been divided by the decision to award Manchester City a penalty on Wednesday night.

Although Pep Guardiola’s side was too good for Shakhtar Donestk in the Champions League, football figures have been polarized by the decision to issue a dangerous penalty to Raheem Sterling during the European route.

England’s international got a penalty after kicking the grass while being pushed by Shakhtar defender Mykola Matviyenko. Although there was no contact from the player, the referee pointed directly to the seat to give the seat.

Sterling did not appeal for the sentence to be reversed, while Guardiola appeared to tell the fourth official that it was wrong


] Raheem Sterling

When he spoke to BT Sport after the match, Sterling responded to the penalty decision.

“I went to crush the ball and I do not know what happened next. I ended up on the floor and turned around,” said Sterling.

“I do not think I knew contact, it was just my bad. I hit the floor and scuffed the floor. Apologies to ref and excuse Shakhtar.”

Pep Guardiola

Guardiola responded immediately to punishment by to respond to the fourth official by insisting that the decision was incorrect. The city manager also took the chance to get his word:

“There is not. VAR is not in Uefa, so that’s the problem. He went to make a chip but fell but the referee can make a mistake. The referee must have helped, for technology.

“It’s not fun to do the second goal and to win that way. Last season, it happened to us against Liverpool, so the judges must be helped. “

Paulo Fonesca

Shakhtar boss Fonesca played down the event and insisted that the decision did not make any difference to the outcome of the match.

There is no point in saying anything about the punishment after such a result, “Fonseca told Futbol 2 .

“We lost because City is a team on another level, much, much better than us.”

“We were far from one’s attempt to do anything [to win]. My team did not turn out well. They did not show up and it has disappointed me most of all. [19659020] Read more

“You can admit six goals, but it’s even worse if you fear your opponents.”

“Our biggest problem was fear, lack of courage. Therefore we did not try to build our game as we want to do.”

“We still have the chance to qualify. We must win our two remaining games and hope we are suitable results in other games. And we must try to do it. But it will be very difficult to achieve.

A View from a Judge

Former Premier League official Mark Clattenburg stated that the referee made the decision and revealed that the sentence could have stood even though Sterling had protested.

“It should have been an incredible act of sportsmanhood about Raheem Sterling told the judge Viktor Kassai that he was wrong to give Manchester City a penalty, “wrote Clattenburg in Daily Mail.

” Even then, that may not have been enough for to convince the Hungarian official to change his mind. Judges can overcome their own decisions until the moment the game begins.

“Had Sterling been established that it was not a punishment Kassai could have bought himself and consulted with his assistants.

” But if the judge was still confident he would have made the right call, he could hold on to his original decision. “

What the Judges Think

Sarcasm is an Art

Rio Ferdinand

“I think the city’s players should have said,” Listen, it’s not a punishment, “he said. ] Read more

Owen Hargreaves

“Worst Judge Decision,” he said.

“The reaction (from Sterling) is brilliant.

” How many deaths do they need you get it right? “

Supporters split

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It’s obviously a dive

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