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EU debates “painful” details about Brexit divorce

Brussels (AFP) – European governments began to crush a close relationship with Post-Brexit Britain on Monday the last week before…

Brussels (AFP) – European governments began to crush a close relationship with Post-Brexit Britain on Monday the last week before they gathered to sign their divorce proceedings.

Ministers from the other 27 EU members met in Brussels at the beginning of what Prime Minister Theresa May called “an intensive negotiation week” before the Sunday Summit

“A painful week in European politics begins”, Austrian Minister for Europe Gernot Blumel , whose country holds the rotating EU presidency, told reporters.

“We have divorce papers on the table. 45 years of hard marriage come to an end.”

The British leader has said that she will be in the city this week to see

– “Workable” store –

Neither May nor European leaders are keen to resume the draft Brexit Agreement on Revocation which was brutally approved by the British Cabinet last week. [1 9659008] However, both sides encrypt to complete a parallel political declaration that will draw up a roadmap for ex-post negotiations on future EU-UK relations.

“Now that there is an agreement on withdrawal of agreements, we consider it satisfactory, it is useful, and we will invest our energy now in the political agreement,” says Dutch Foreign Minister Stef Blok.

London wants to add make as much as possible a route to a free trade agreement, in part to

Brussels, however, failed to have the same privileged access to the single market as it did as a Member State after Brexit on 29 March next year.

] European negotiators plan to publish their version of the statement on future relations on Tuesday.

Sunday, EU ambassadors have spotted the document from more than six pages to Sunday at around 20 when more detailed. [19659014] Hello, I also discussed an EU proposal on that the draft revocation agreement will be amended to extend the planned transition after the transition from Brexit in two months to out of 2022.

However, no decision was made about this and members are wary of re-opening the document and allowing British hardliners to resume a debate on its terms.

Ministers arriving at Monday’s meeting would not be drawn on this. “It’s still open,” said Blok.

Blumel said March 29 is set as Brexit today and the withdrawal will be approved as Sunday, while the political declaration should seek “as close a relationship as possible”.

Meanwhile, EU President Donald Tusk has been planning plans to meet with May and her members’ leaders on November 25th to sign the deal.

“We have an intensive week’s negotiations ahead of us,” said May’s corporate manager on Monday, according to Downing Street.

“During that time, I expect to hamp out the full and final details of the framework that will support our future relationship,” she says.

“And I’m convinced we can meet an agreement in the Council that I can take back to the public.”

– Union Integrity –

Although the EU 27 and their negotiator Michel Barnier have been public joined by 17 months of negotiations – Britain’s political camps are at work.

If May wins an enhanced Partnership for Future Partnerships this week, she still needs to get the withdrawal agreement past Parliament.

Conservative Hardliners and Mays Northern Irish Unionist Allies have promised to vote for the treaty despite the threat of an unfortunate no-deal Brexit.

And the opposition Labor Party, scenting a chance to overthrow the May government, has also warned that its members will not support their dealings.

Having done what they see as an offer to respect Britain’s desire to leave but preserve the Union’s integrity, EU officials are surprised at the furious debate.

They refuse to intervene in Britain’s affairs, but private insists they on both sides “exhausted their margin to maneuver” in divorce negotiations.

“Of course, both sides must pass the parliament. It goes to the UK, but it also applies to the Europeans,” Blok says. “19659028” So this political declaration really is the foundation of our future relationship, it must be ambitious. ” he added.

Some Member States were annoyed that their rights to fish in British waters were not guaranteed in the recall and have been left for future talks.

And Spain also has concerns about Gibraltar’s future status, the British territory on its south coast, a diplomatic

But grumbles were left behind closed doors, because a European diplomat told the ambassadors to “not pour oil into the British fire.”

And about the divorce agreement, Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders said, “Here it will survive. We are waiting for the same situation in London, but here in Brussels it will survive. “

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