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Essential Audio Adapter HD finally ends, already in stock

Essential finally started HD Adapter HD mode for the PH-1 smartphone in the US and Canada, where the product can…

Essential finally started HD Adapter HD mode for the PH-1 smartphone in the US and Canada, where the product can be purchased at $ 149. At least in theory because because of this writing the accessory is already in stock at the manufacturer’s website and no further information if any stock inventory has been published. In this way, it only shows that the essential PH-1 owners wanted a way to connect their headphones to the smartphone using a 3.5mm headphone jack for the head, or at least they got excited about the audio features of the accessory. The gadget contains a high resolution ESS Saber DAC compatible with MQA audio format with up to 32-bit, 384 kHz rendering, and all internal components have been incorporated into a titanium case.

Essential PH-1

is the first smartphone created by Andy Rubin’s launch and released more than a year ago, the summer of 2017 lacks a standard 3.5 millimeter headphone jack for the benefit of a relatively thin profile and a USB Type-C connector, although in theory two types of contacts should be able to coexist on a single device. In June last year, the significantly enhanced audio adapter HD was the second mode for Essential PH-1 that was able to magnetically snap the back of the smartphone via the pogo contacts and while precise pricing and launching details were missing at that time, the company claimed that the Accessories should be available by the summer. Of course, the audio adapter HD came later than expected, and now, shortly after its marketing debut, the accessory is out of stock. This probably indicates that the accessory may have been manufactured in relatively low amounts compared to the number of significant PH-1 devices sold in the last year and the telephone manufacturer may have underestimated customers’ desire for a useful method of connecting their wireless headphones to the mobile device.

Essential PH-1 has been interrupted a few months ago and the Stellar Gray variant has been sold since August, but the other two models have Black Moon and Pure White finishes that are still available to lock up for the price of $ 499. , including 360 camera and headphones HD free. With this writing, the audio adapter HD does not seem to be available at a discounted price when it is linked to a new purchase of the phone, and this may or may not be an option later, depending on whether Essential intends to make the manufacturer additional devices.

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