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ESPN's best of college football, week 12

Welcome to week 12. It's a good week to keep calm and watch football before next week when you're going…

Welcome to week 12. It’s a good week to keep calm and watch football before next week when you’re going to relax and watch football and eat a ton. Moderation is the key.

In a big this week, No. 3 Notre Dame and No. 12 Syracuse football at the Yankee Stadium! It’s a baseball field! What a world.

While they are there, the Irish respond to the landlords.

Notre Women and New York Yankees are all known to inspire strong reactions, and not always of the positive type. So seeing Irish dressed as the Yankees can seem like a bit of an unhealthy alliance. But we are not the experts here. So let’s check in with the unthinkable Paul Lukas and Uni Watch for his review. What are you doing, Paul?


Let’s be honest: This is not a uniform – it’s a suit. It does not necessarily have to be a bad thing (the Oregon program is based on costumes, and some of them are pretty good), but costumes do not seem to be good for an older program like Notre Dame.

More to this, it does not seem like a very good suit. Adding pinstripes to everything – even the shoes – feels like overkill and the helmet logo feels uninspired. If a superhero wore this costume (“Look up in heaven, it’s Yankees Man!”), He would probably end up being a minor character at best. No movie affair, either.

But here’s the biggest problem: Why should a proud football program like Irish subordinate its visual identity to a baseball team ? Think of this way: If Yankees played a game at the Notre Dame Stadium, would they have gold bullet helmets? No way – they are the New York Freakin ‘Yankees, and they will not change their uniforms to anyone! The Irish could learn from that attitude. -PL

Marty takes Manhattan (Well, Bronx)

At the same time, our native South Africans, Marty Smith and Ryan McGee – discuss the good name of the Marty & McGee show SEC game, which Marty has been covering this week .

The Great Games

All Times ET

  • No. 10 Ohio State at Maryland, Dinner, ABC

  • No. 12 Syracuse vs No. 3 Notre Dame at Yankee Stadium, 2:30, NBC

  • No. 9 West Virginia, Oklahoma State, 3:30, ABC

  • No. 24 Cincinnati at No. 11 UCF, 8, ABC

  • no. 16 Iowa State at No. 15 Texas, 8, Longhorn Network

  • Arizona at No. 8 Washington State, 10:30, ESPN

You Will not Like Them When They Are Angry

2015 7-3 Citadel Team hit 3-7 South Carolina 23-22. This was a huge upset and source of pride for a military college with approximately 2,300 undergraduate students, which make up the South Carolina Corps of Cadets. This season is playing a 4-5 Citadel team 10-0 Alabama (dinner ET, SEC Network), and their social media have a little fun online. While we’re not sure it’s the best idea, we’re sure Nick Saban appreciates it because it’s the opposite of rat poisoning, showing how serious Crimson Tide will take this opponent. Thoughts and prayers, Bulldogs.

Great day for a couple of Dubs

Dubs, a very good Alaskan Malamute has led Washington Huskies out of the tunnel since 2009, retires.

Dubs 2 will get the collar in the first quarter just before everyone becomes UW’s 14th live mascot, then he leaves the team out of the tunnel after half past time. He looks like he’s ready.

He should be. He has prepared for this day because he was just a Puppy Dubs.

Carried away

Since at least 1963, Nebraska fans have a tradition of releasing balloons after the first round of the game, as seen in this photo from 2016:

Alyssa Lefebvre, a marine biologist in New York, believes she may have found a 1 500 mile away on a beach in Long Island. According to Omaha World-Herald, Husker balloons have been found in Iowa, Kansas, Missouri and Illinois earlier, leading some environmental groups to criticize the tradition, including Lefebvre. “I love school,” she told world heraldry. “Just because it’s a tradition does not necessarily mean that it’s the only option and that does not necessarily mean it’s the best option.” Nebraska, in its part, says it uses 100% biodegradable balloons.

In Tyler’s Word

Earlier this week, Purdue received superfriend Tyler Trent, who struggles with a rare form of bone cancer, his own bobblehead, with a portion of the proceeds towards cancer research. [19659002] On Saturday, the team will wear helmets with Tyler’s descriptions of what Purdue’s football is all about.

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