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Epic adds Gifting Feature for Fortnite for a limited time

November 29, 2018 Technology 0 Views If you want to keep your Fortnite experience as free as possible, Epic has…

If you want to keep your Fortnite experience as free as possible, Epic has now temporarily added a gift feature that allows your friends to send gifts. If you are ready to empty your own pockets, you can also send gifts yourself.

In the latest Fortnite news update, Epic explained how this new feature would be tested for a week along with version 6.31. To test it’s all you need to do over your head to the department store, choose an item to buy, choose “Buy as a gift” and choose a friend to send it to. As a bonus, you can add a custom message. Then the next time your friend logs in, they will receive the gift box. There is currently a good selection of clothes and feelings in the store you can present. Again, this will only go for a trial period of one week.

Before gifting, make sure you have enabled multifactor authentication. For the finer details, you must be friends with someone for at least 48 hours before you can send them a gift, and you can not send more than three gifts within a 24-hour period. All purchased gifts are not refundable. and you can only present gift items available in the department store. If you do not want to receive gifts, you can disable the option in your account settings.

Have you recently played Fortnite on Switch? Will you send a gift to someone on your friend list? Tell us below.

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