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Enjoy the Nokia 8 camera app and its Pro mode on your mobile


Nokia has returned to the market through the door, although it is far from being a leader in the Android mobile market, it is clear that its evolution has been very prominent in recent times. Now we can enjoy on any mobile the app of Nokia 8 camera , your most prominent phone.

One of the highlights of the Nokia 8 It is your camera, which has received interesting updates among which is a Pro mode, which can squeeze the full potential of the camera.

So you can enjoy the Nokia 8 camera app on your mobile

It is quite common that we can enjoy the mobile camera application featured in the market thanks to the port that the community makes behind the new Nordic terminal. Well, this port has finally been able to see the light, and it does so to give us the camera application of the Nokia 8 including its Pro mode. we just have to install the APK that has been published now in XDA Developers, although as usual, it is necessary to meet certain requirements to work properly on our phone.

Enjoy the Nokia 8 camera app and its Pro mode on your mobile

The author of this port reminds us that the phone must be compatible with the Camera2 API level 3 , which is present in the latest versions of the native Google camera. In my case, I’ve been able to test the camera without the slightest problem in a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android 8.0, so if the requirements are met, you just have to download, install and run. In any case, we can know in advance if our mobile is compatible with this APK thanks to a Google Play application. This is Camera2 probe , that when executing it will make a scan of the hardware and software of our mobile to tell us if it is compatible with this type of API.

Download app Camera2 probe

The use of the Nokia 8 camera app is quite simple, since to enter Pro mode, we just need to slide the trigger button from the bottom to the top of the camera. Conversely, by sliding from top to bottom, we will deactivate this Pro mode easily and quickly. A Pro mode that allows us to edit most aspects, such as white balance, shutter, focus and other aspects of manual photography, which is what we want to enjoy with this Nokia 8 camera app.