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Emotional Eating; a Quick Overview

Let’s face it, we all have been there, whether on that day, where you got some really great news and went on and had yourself a feast of unhealthy yet tasty flavors, or where you had loads of work with a tight deadline, which is basically my life story in a sentence, and reached for that bag of chips in front of you and dug in like there’s no tomorrow, I’m not talking about these times that take place every once in a while, I’m talking about this becoming a habit, an addiction, you might say.

Emotional eating as the name suggests is triggered by emotions, the term itself is made up of two words, unfortunately we tend to focus on the second one rather than the first.

Yes, we must be more aware of what we consume, we must eat healthy to preserve our bodies, yet at the same time, we shouldn’t only focus on treating results, we should address the issue itself.

To better understand emotional eating, we must understand our emotions and learn the proper way of processing them, especially when we’re talking about bad situations, stress, sadness and even feeling overwhelmed.

I guess what I’m trying to say here, next time you feel weak or trapped, go for something fun and healthy, call a friend and have a lovely chat with them or take a walk and enjoy what surrounds you and if all that is not possible, well, take a deep breath and think things through slowly, keeping in mind that most of what could be making you feel bad now, won’t matter in a year, maybe less.

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