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Emojis deslizables, this is how Instagram Stories works to make surveys

Emojis deslizables, this is how Instagram Stories works to make surveys

The boys of Instagram does not stop , its level of development is by far the highest of the whole group of social networks and services belonging to Facebook, and in fact the social network of photography has already demonstrated that is the service with the most potential of the firm led by Mark Zuckerberg .

If the pretty Facebook girl was already preparing for, today from Instagram they present us with a new and curious way of interacting asking for opinion or opinion in the Stories of our contacts thanks to sliding emojis that have already landed on the Android app of the popular social network.

In fact, if the best part of the Instagram Stories was search the perfect GIF or survey for our followers to interact , the new slide emojis will greatly facilitate the task of reviewing the publications of our friends:

How do the ‘Emoji Slider Stickers’ ?

It’s very simple, you publish your story as you normally did in Instagram Stories, insert a question and look for one of the new sliding emojis that will appear in the usual label tray, and drag it to the place you want in the story. Is it so available almost all the emojis in the library with the relevant slider.

As you will see in the video published by Instagram, our followers and / or friends can respond by sliding the emoji to the level they want , then visualizing the current average of the results as it happens with the voting labels. We can ourselves Also check the results in full , who has answered us and what their assessment has been.

A new way of doing more visual and dynamic surveys , much faster at the time of answering and adding a greater degree of implicit fun, although a priori it seems a sovereign nonsense. We recognize it …

As we already announced, the ‘Emoji Slider Stickers’ they are available and functional in the latest version of the Android app, so you’ll just have to go to the Play Store and update … Run, you fools!