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Elon Musk spears with Fortnite on Twitter after joke about buying the video game

The latest goal for Tesla TSLA, -1.48% CEO Elon Musk Ire? Fortnite video game. In a post on Twitter, Musk…

The latest goal for Tesla

TSLA, -1.48%

CEO Elon Musk Ire? Fortnite video game.

In a post on Twitter, Musk demanded Friday to have bought and then deleted the popular online video game and said it had been “done.” Tweet included an image that appears to be an edited screenshot of a MarketWatch article.

Fortnite official Twitter

TWTR, -1.57%

account responded to poking fun on the fact that it will take a decade for Musks SpaceX to build its first base on Mars. Musk answered and said, “The reality is difficult.”

Fortnite is an online video game released for the first time in 2017 and can be played on many devices, including Windows computers

MSFT, + 0.15%


GOOGL, + 0.66%

and Apple

AAPL, + 1.52%

Mobile Devices, Nintendo Switch

NTDOY, -3.87%

Xbox One and PlayStation 4

SNE, -0,64%

The game’s Battle Royale mode had 125 million players in June.

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Musk’s mail also received a series of retorts from both Tesla and Fortnite fans. An Elon Musk parody account called Bored Elon Musk tweeted that Musk would “stay in [his] lane.” (Musk, in a reply, suggested that he may be the creator of the parody account. ) [19659003] Others joked that Musk would buy the T-Series Indian Music Platform that runs a YouTube channel with the second largest number of subscribers behind the video game commentator PewDiePie. Another Twitter user suggested that Musk “buys and removes” Ford

F, -0.12%


Musk Engaged with many of the people commenting on the tweet, including a person who took trouble with his implication that Fortnite players do not have social life. The game is very popular with young men – much to the dissatisfaction of some of their parents, sometimes left to pay the bill when players buy extras while they play.

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At the end of September, Musk and Tesla agreed on a $ 40 million deal with the Securities and Exchange Commission on fraud prevention in connection with Musk’s tweets earlier this year, claiming he would explore to take the car manufacturer privately.

The settlement compels Tesla to remove Musk as chairman of the board and demanded that the company establish guidelines and monitoring for Musical social media.

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