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Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova debited Russian election interference in 2018 midterms, accused of working for “Project Lakhta” troll farm

A Russian citizen has become the first person charged by the United States to conspire to disturb the 2018 half-yearly…

A Russian citizen has become the first person charged by the United States to conspire to disturb the 2018 half-yearly election, according to the FBI and the Justice Department. Elena Alekseevna Khusyaynova alleged in the prosecution to have participated in a conspiracy to “cut discord in the American political system and to undermine the belief in our democratic institutions.”

The government says that the conspiracy is also part of a 2016 influence that goes back to at least May 2014.

Forty-five-year-old Khusyaynova in St. Petersburg. Petersburg was the chief accountant of “Project Lakhta”, an initiative funded by the Russian oligarch Yevgeniy Viktorovich Prigozhin and two companies he controls. Prigozhin is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and is often referred to as “Putin’s chef”.

Khusyaynova is accused of monitoring a $ 35 million budget from 201

4 to 2018, covering expenses for activists, social media advertising and promotion of social networking newsletters. The Ministry of Justice says that the proposed operating budget for 2018 alone was over $ 10 million.

John Carlin, former director of the Justice Department’s National Security Division, and author of “War’s War Day”, tells CBS News that Russia uses millions to undermine American democracy.

“We are under attack now and our choice is in danger, he says.” There is no way this happens without knowledge of Putin himself. “

The accusation states that this was a large-scale operation monitored by a management team and notes that there were several departments, including a graphics and design department, one for analysis and another for search engine optimization, as well as an IT and a finance department.

Those involved in the conspiracy made great efforts to act as US political activists and concealing the fact that they were Russian. According to the accusation, the conspiracy is “inflamed lusts” about subjects such as immigration, gun control and other change, the Confederate Flag, the Race Relations, the LGBT Issues, the March March and the NFL National Anthem.

The conspiracy advised social media writers on how to write to the American audience, which suggests in a case that people of color who are HBT are “mindr e sophisticated “than those who are white. “Colored HBT is less sophisticated than white, therefore complicated phrases and messages do not work,” said the lead according to the accusation. It suggested that infographics “work well among HBT and their liberal allies”, but not so good with conservatives.

Conspirators were in a case directed to the message a news article from August 2017, “McCain Says Thinking a Wall will stop illegal immigration being” Crazy “” as follows: “Brand McCain like an old geezer who has lost it and for Long ago, belonged to an elderly home. Emphasizes that John McCain’s pathological hatred against Donald Trump and against all his initiatives transcends all reasonable boundaries and boundaries. “

Another article was to label House Speaker Paul Ryan as” a complete and absolutely no incapacity of some determination. “

President Trump, who spoke of news with reporters on Thursday, said it had nothing to do with his campaign.

“It had nothing to do with my campaign,” said the president. “All hackers and all who you see – nothing to do with my campaign. If they are hackers, many of them thought Hillary Clinton better than me.”

Earlier this day, in a rare statement, the country’s highest law enforcement and intelligence services issued a warning against what they described as “ongoing campaigns from Russia, China and other foreign actors, including Iran, to undermine confidence in democratic institutions and influence public feelings and government policy “. [19659002] “The students of these campaigns,” says the statement, “can take many forms, including social media to boost fragmentation, sponsorship of specific content in English-language media such as RT and Sputnik, which sees disinformation through sympathetic spokesmen on political candidates and dissemination of foreign propaganda. “

The statement issued by the Office of the Director of the National Intelligence, the Ministry of Justice, the FBI and the Department of Homeland Secur stated that there was no evidence for so far a compromise or disturbance of the election infrastructure.

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