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Electric Ford Mustang Torn For The First Time: The Future Could See Mustang To Lose His Brum?

First, I was excited to see Bryan Cranston (Walter White from Breaking Bad) in Ford's new minute-long television commercials about…

First, I was excited to see Bryan Cranston (Walter White from Breaking Bad) in Ford’s new minute-long television commercials about how the company is building the future. But curiosity changes within seconds when from nowhere Ford’s video (below) shows a Mustang-like similar to 37 seconds in the video. The car shown looks very like Mustang and in the video comes after the transition from the very first generation Ford Mustang to the current 2018 Face Mustang.

Ford has left us with many questions in this video. The ad shows the new 2019 Ford Mustang racing down the desert highway and short cut to an animation of a 5L V8 engine. This is followed by a sequence of a Mustang look-like car that we have never seen before. The car gets its great resemblance to the new Mustang but gets a new body-colored panel with a black-plated emblem that replaces the front grille. While this new enlightened logo is not brand new and we saw vehicles like Volkswagen I.D Crozz and I.D Buzz and also on the Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept. Most of these concept vehicles have adopted this style to ensure that the electrical variant looks different from the standard variants.

The torn model may well be the first gasoline hybrid hybrid Ford Mustang that is likely to start in 2020. Ford is very secretive about this new product and can Also surprise us with a crossover based on the Ford Mustang. There is a strong possibility that Ford has just released the teaser of its Mustang-inspired crossover. The new SUV teaser campaign has already begun and this ad may be a follow-up to the new model.

It’s also a bold decision by Ford to place a Mustang emblem on a crossover vehicle with the risk of diluting the model’s hard-earned reputation and rich legacy. If that’s true, Ford has really said openly that its new, unnamed car’s design will take its design code from the famous sports car. In an interview with Automotive News, Darrel Behmer, Mustang’s chief engineer had said that if Ford can benefit from respect for Mustang’s performance and design, it’s really good.

Something else said will only be speculation and Ford has not confirmed or denied any of these reports. Expect more on these lines at the upcoming LA Motor Show or at the Detroit Motor Show and 2019 CES. Considering Ford, Bryan Cranston says that he says: “Let the other guys dream about the future, we (Ford) will build it.”

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