YouTuber ProJared in hot water… Houston floods cause significant damage… Big beer news… Co-founder of Facebook says it’s time to break up Facebook … news has absolutely wrecked… Bobby Jenks reaches $ 5.1 settlement for surgery that ended his career…. Young boy wanted to be a famous basketball player as a part of denuclearization deal… Georgia track team member impaled by a javelin… Normal, good country we have… Albert Pujols joins exclusive company… David Ortiz with a succinct take on the Red Sox ‘White House situation … Nevada sports betting roots can be traced back to prison… Tension in the Bronx between Dee Gordon and JA Happ… Denver Portland will go 7 games, possibly the best series no one saw…. Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran have a new song… Sean McVay admits he watched too much tape up to the Super Bowl… Kendall Jenner

You should watch anything and everything Jordan Klepper does. [Vanity Fair]

Strongly consider making a donation to this worthy cause, get a T-shirt. [USO]

This Big Lebowski-type Bro is my hero. [Detroit News]

The secret to life is that one really knows what they’re doing.

Bit of a ramalamahamdam from late last night Kendall Jenner, Roundup, Roundup