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Ecuador's president: “The road is ready” for Assange to leave the embassy

December 6, 2018 World 1 Views Ecuador President Lenín Moreno said on Thursday that "the road is ready" for Wikileaks…

Ecuador President Lenín Moreno said on Thursday that “the road is ready” for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to leave his country’s embassy in London saying that he has been assured that Assange would not face extradition abroad.

The United Kingdom and Ecuador have silently discussed Assange’s possible departure from the embassy for months, The Associated Press reported.

“The road is ready for Mr. Assange to make the decision to leave,” Moreno said during a radio show on Thursday, referring to a written insurance he had received from Britain, according to AP.

Moreno added that Ecuador plans not to force Assange out of the embassy, ​​where he has lived since 201


Assange fled to the embassy when British courts ordered him to be handed over to Sweden to be questioned in a sexual assault that since been dropped.

WikiLeaks faces an American jury investigation to publish US diplomatic and confidential military tasks under Assassin’s leadership and Assange has said that he is facing charges in the United States

The Ministry of Justice last month has been unintentionally terminated in an unsealed court application that they have prepared allegations against Assange, according to The Washington Post. The allegations were disclosed in an application in an indisputable case.

Assange in October said he believes that the Ecuadorian government is preparing to terminate its asylum at its London Embassy and hand him over the United States. He made the statement that Ecuador announced new embassy rules for him, including paying for his medical bills and phone calls, abandoning commentary on controversial topics and cleaning up his pet tax.

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