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Ecuador judges rules against Assange over embassy changes

A judge ruled against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Monday and rejected his request to loose new claims as he…

A judge ruled against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Monday and rejected his request to loose new claims as he said was intended to drive him to leave his asylum at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

Judge Karina Martinez decided to stricter rules recently introduced by the South American nation’s embassy – which requires Assange to pay for his internet and clean up after his cat – does not violate his asylum rights because the authorities have the right to decide what is and not allowed inside the building. [19659002] Ecuadorian officials expressed the ruling in the last line between the Australian hacker and the government who gave him refuge for six years. Relations between Assange and Ecuador have become increasingly sparse, as the years have gone without solution in sight.

Assange’s lawyer promised to appeal the decision. Assange claimed that the new measures make it more difficult to receive visitors and demand that he pay for services such as laundry and medical bills meant to force him to quit his asylum.

The rules also clarify that if Assange does not feed properly and take care of her cat, the animal can be sent to the pound.

The Ecuador government claims that the demands are directed at peaceful cohabiting in close quarters in the small embassy, ​​where Assange takes up more than a third of space. Officials have complained that his football game and skateboarding have damaged the building.

“It is obvious that this protocol has been issued with strict respect for international law,” said Jose Valencia, Ecuador’s Foreign Minister, after ruling.

Ecuador gave Assange asylum in the embassy in 201

Still, Assange is still in demand in Britain to jump on the castle, and he is also afraid of a possible US extradition based on his leakage of classified government departments.

Assange initially enjoyed a cozy relationship with Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, but relations with his host nation have steadily deteriorated. Current President Lenin Moreno has warned him not to interfere with issues that could endanger Ecuador’s external relations.

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