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Ebola falls in Beni top 100 as 6 more cases reported

Medical teams have confirmed Ebola in six more people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo),…

Medical teams have confirmed Ebola in six more people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (Democratic Republic of the Congo), ranging from the hot spot in Beni where recent violence over the weekend has slowed vaccination activities, the country’s health ministry said today. [19659002] The World Health Organization (WHO) also has detailed renewed concern about fresh violence that undermines the response and the increasing number of Ebola infections in children.

Fall in Beni passes 100

Of the six new confirmed cases, today reported two involved patients who died in society, increasing the risk of further proliferation because the virus load is greatest when the disease is serious and at the time of death and that persons who die outside the health settings would probably have been taken care of by family members and others who were not adequately protected.

Getting sick people into isolation and treatment is an important part of the outbreak response and continued reports of deaths in society are a sign that respondents find it difficult to identify all active transmission chains.

The six new cases increase the outbreak total to 244 cases, including 209 confirmed and 35 likely cases. The new deaths give mortality to 1


In its daily update, the Ministry of Health said that cases in the Beni Health Zone have peaked 100 and now stand at 102.

As afraid to follow another round of rebel violence this weekend, immunization activities in Beni slows due to uncertainty in some parts of the city, according to the Ministry of Health. So far, 20 939 people have been vaccinated, including 9 853 of those from Beni.

WHO Updates Flags Security Challenges, Children’s Diseases

In its regular progress report, WHO said that the biggest concerns are the tip of the case earlier 4 weeks, especially in Beni, and security challenges face Beni and Butembo.

“Continuing security events strongly affect both civilian and frontline people and force the suspension of EVD response activities and increase the risk of the virus continuing to spread,” said it. Beni vaccination could not take place in Beni on October 21 due to community demonstrations in the wake of attacks the day before, WHO said. It also said that investigations continue in the steady stream of confirmed cases that are not from known transmission chains, a sign that the virus continues to spread undiscovered.

According to a State today, the increasing number of cases confirmed in patients not on known contact lists is threatening measures to keep outbreaks and undermines the effectiveness of the vaccine campaign, which is due to a ring-based approach to vaccinating contacts with confirmed cases and their contacts.

WHO said new cases from Beni include a disproportionate number of diseases in children 16 years of age and younger. Of 70 cases reported since October 1, 30 (43%) were children, 13 of them infants and children younger than 5 years. It allowed investigation to identify infectious sources in children and to suspend transmission.

In another development, the WHO said that Ebola was confirmed in a healthcare practitioner from Beni on October 20, increasing the total number of healthcare professionals infected in the outbreak of 21, 20 of them confirmed.

The CDC director drove to keep Ebola experts in the outbreak

Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) boss Robert Redfield, MD, said he tried to make the case to keep US experts in the outbreak but was surpassed by officials for Trump Administration due to security issues State reported today.

According to previous reports, the Department of State recommended that the CDC experts be withdrawn, which occurred several weeks ago

Redfield told State during the opening period of the Milken Institute Future of Health Summit that he believes that health officials have a disadvantage without having CDC expertise in the Democratic Republic of Congo and that he likes to see a “small footprint of CDC employees there”.

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