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Easy Tips for Getting a Great Facial at Home

So far, we’ve all come to the realization that taking great care of your facial skin is quite important if you want to achieve or maintain that youthful glow. It can also help you look your best, which leads to a boost in confidence while slowing the physical signs of aging at the same time. In addition, facials can easily help you relax, while they are improving your skin for the better. What if we told you that you don’t need to head to a spa because you can achieve all the above with a home facial? Luckily, there are a few ways to get a great home facial that’s just as amazing as a spa facial (without burning a hole in your purse).

Here are three steps to get an incredible home facial

Clean it Up

Home Facial – Easy Tips to Help You Look Your Best at HomeBefore starting any kind of facial, you need to make sure that your skin is spick and span. This means, your face needs to be free of makeup, dirt, and other debris. The point of a facial is to open your pores to get a good clean before toning to close up the pores so as to prevent any lurking infections like pimples. For a simple clean job, wash your face with a good, gentle cleanser to get rid of any unwanted dirt.

Exfoliate and Steam

Once you have a clean face, you can exfoliate your skin with a good scrub or exfoliation brush. This is an important part of getting a great home facial because it helps rid your face of dead skin cells that leave it looking less than lush. Once you have exfoliated your skin, steaming is another ideal part of the process. Steaming helps open up the pores on your face so you can better clean them of dirt and debris. You can open up your pores by taking a warm shower, resting a warm, wet cloth on your face or using a steaming machine.

Masking and Moisturizing

Home Facial – Easy Tips to Help You Look Your Best at HomeOnce you are done with the steaming and your lovely face is now clean, it’s time to mask it up. Some people prefer homemade masks, but others choose to buy pre-made masks. Either way, make sure it’s a mask that will leave your skin feeling healthy and supple. Once you wash away your mask, you can apply a toner to help close up the pores; then add a moisturizer to seal in moisture, which will leave your skin feeling baby-soft. If you choose to make your facial mask, here are some well known and effective homemade masks.


Home facials can be just as beneficial and relaxing as spa facials. If you want that feeling of having a clean and healthy facial skin, but you don’t want to go to the spa to get it, you can easily follow the tips above to ensure that you get an ideal facial right in the comfort of your home (in pajamas). It doesn’t take much to take better care of your face, and with only an hour or so every few weeks, you can improve your facial skin game and some confidence to boot.