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Earthquake-tired Alaskans are still grappling with damage

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) –Life began to return to normal Monday in Alaska after the powerful earthquake near Anchorage, but people…

Life began to return to normal Monday in Alaska after the powerful earthquake near Anchorage, but people who were nervous about aftermaths still bothered with injuries like closed public buildings and schools, clogged roads and struck home from foundation.

Some residents went back to work. But state transport officials again urged people living north and south of Anchorage to take a day off or work from home to reduce traffic.

Rockfalls still existed along the climbed Seward Highway, while major repairs were on a severe blow Glenn Highway, the main road north of the city, said spokesman Meadow Bailey for the transport ministry.

“We do not want the shuttle to be frustrating because people will experience delays,” she said.

Residents still jittery from the 7.0 quarter on Friday, it has been laughed further by more than 1 700 after-calves. A dozen has had sizes of 4.5 or higher.

“Everything that concerns you, you are on your last nerve,” says Anchorage, resident Lyn Matthews, whose home encountered material structural damage, including a submerged foundation.

Matthews, who was back at work at a chiropractor’s office, and her husband has no earthquake insurance.

“I’m afraid of death,” she said.

The earthquake struck 7 miles (11 kilometers) north of Anchorage, swinging buildings, disturbing power and severe damage to Glenn Highway.

There were no reports of deaths, serious injuries or widespread catastrophic damage in the state with strict construction codes carried out after a 1964 earthquake with a size of 9.2 – the second strongest

No outbreaks of disease or other important health problems has been reported.

Still, federal officials declared a public health emergency on Monday saying that the operation will ensure that Medicaid funds continue to be issued despite temporary closure of offices. Mental Health Assistance is also available to people affected by the disaster.

“Remember, whatever you feel right now, is valid,” said Anchorage Health and Human Services, Natasha Pineda, on a weekend briefing.

Earthquake forecasts cited a 4 percent chance of another earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 or higher in the first week after the first earthquake.

“The chance is very small, but it’s not impossible,” says Geological Survey Geophysicist Paul Caruso in the United States. [19659004] The federal townhouse in Anchorage was among structures that remained closed. Officials said that the US District Court and the attached Federal Building in Anchorage will be closed at least Thursday after a preliminary evaluation by the General Services Administration.

Spokesman GSA Chad Hutson said that chains in the federal building leaked and left without heat.

The nearby historic federal building, where bankruptcy law is located, remained closed. Officials said late on Monday afternoon a detailed evaluation of the building found no structural deficiencies and the building is supposed to resume Tuesday.

Schools in Anchorage have been closed until 10 Dec, which would also reduce traffic. A primary school in the suburbs suburb of Eagle River has been considered unsafe to occupy, while several other campuses in the region are undergoing repairs and cleaning, according to the Anchor School District.

A middle school in the small city of Houston north of anchorage is likely to remain closed during the year.

The supply chain of food and other goods delivered to Anchorage from Lower 48 has not been disturbed.

About 90 percent of all goods sold in Alaska are delivered to Anchorage Harbor, where officials have carried out a preliminary injury assessment. There were some structural problems with some buttocks, but nothing that would prevent surgery, according to commissioner Bill Falsey.

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