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Earthquake in New Zealand: 6.2-magnitude chess stopping Parliament | World News

An earthquake in the 19th century has hit the center of New Zealand, which led to the interruption of parliament.…

An earthquake in the 19th century has hit the center of New Zealand, which led to the interruption of parliament.

The earthquake felt strongest in central New Zealand, including the capital Wellington. It hit a depth of 207 kilometers southwest of Taumarunui.

There were no immediate reports of serious injury or damage. People in the vicinity of the epicenter reported that their houses swung and pictures fell off the walls.

Jacinda Ardern
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For those who knew the earthquake – GNS has confirmed its assessment that it was M6.2 and 25km SW of Taumarunui. Widely known over central NZ. Grab updates from officials but in the meanwhile check those around you!

October 30, 2018

Parliament’s Deputy Speaker Anne Tolley made a snap decision to suspend Parliament when violent shaking interrupted the speech of a MEP. [19659002] “I never thought I’d have to do it, postpone the house until we know what happened,” Tolley said.

“It was public in the galleries and people just need to make sure their staff are OK. We are in the safest building probably in the country – but only to make sure and get some advice.”

GNS Science, Earth’s earthquake monitoring agency said the earthquake was widely known around the country and lasted for a long time.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern used Twitter to urge New Zealanders to check each other’s welfare.

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Who else knew it right now ??? Hope the others in the video do not mind 😂😂😂 #eqnz

October 30, 2018

Civil Defense Minister Kris Fa afoi said civilian emergency teams were actively controlling the country for damage but no “big” or injury or death had been reported.

The quake hit at 13.33 local time and GeoNet has so far reported more than 15,000 “field” reports with the strongest shakes reported in Wellington, Christchurch and Nelson.

Geonet reported “moderate” shaking in Auckland where the royal couple spend the day for a general walk in Viaduct Harbor.

A spokesman for home affairs traveling with the couple said that the quake did not feel in Auckland and the pair “did not feel it”.

Afoi said that shaking would have given New Zealanders a fair scare and Anne Tolley made the right call to interrupt parliament and evacuate the house. [1 9659002] “She chose it wise to do … we felt it quite heavy in the house.”

Afoi repeated the Prime Minister’s previous message and asked New Zealanders to watch out for their neighbors and society, as countries may feel at the edge for a number of days.

“People can be a little nervous, and that’s understandable.”

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