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Early vote breaks record in Suburban Cook County: Clerk

CHICAGO – More voters in the suburbs Cook County have cast their polls early than in the last mid-term 2014,…

CHICAGO – More voters in the suburbs Cook County have cast their polls early than in the last mid-term 2014, according to clerk David Orr. There are six days for early voting before the election Tuesday.

From kl. 15:50 On Tuesday, 131,631 suburbs Cook County residents had taken advantage of early voting on one of the 52 websites offered. In the governor elections in 2014, a total of 128,011 people voted early.

“Our efforts to promote early voting, coupled with an increased interest in many voting votes, have brought us some really remarkable numbers,” says Orr.

Of the 1

0 most popular early voting rights there are five in northern suburbs, three are in the northwestern suburbs, and there is one in the western or southern suburbs.

Early Voting Participation by Location

  1. According to the Office’s Office, the busiest early polling stations by Tuesday afternoon have been:
    1. Orland Township (6.062)
    2. Arlington Heights Village Hall (5,730)
    3. Northbrook Village Hall (5,726)
    4. Evanston Civic Center (5,613)
    5. Schaumburg (Trickster Art Gallery) (4,871)
    6. Glenview Village Hall (4.727)
    7. Palatine Village Hall (4,653)
    8. Wilmette Ice Rinks))
    9. Oak Park Village Hall (4 384)
    10. Skokie Village Hall (4,200)

    Nearly 40 percent of the 110 856 suburbs Cook County voters who have applied for submission votes have returned them. There are 46,000 letter rollers that have already been received from Tuesday afternoon, about 5,000 shorter than the total number of postal polls that were made in 2014.

    Each registered voter can request a post poll using the online application but the deadline for applying for a postal vote is Thursday and Orr urged whoever is considering voting by mail to directly apply to prevent any delays in postal delivery.

    Valser must be postmarked by election day 6 November and received at the Clerk Office within 14 days of the election day.

    Same day registration is available at all early polling places. So far, more than 1,800 voters have participated in the grace period registration program. Unregistered voters must arrive with two identifiers, including one with a valid current address.

    Who votes early?

    Early voters are predominantly older, with people over the age of 50 making up 80.4 percent of the votes and voters over 60 throwing almost 61 percent of early votes, according to the office of the office. Only 4.6 percent of those who have a voice early so far are between 18 and 29 years old.

    Orr said that women accounted for 54.5 percent of all early voters in the suburbs Cook County. All early polling stations are open until 7 pm this week and most are open until 4 or 5 p.m. this week, the last before the election day.

    Suburban Cook County also registered the highest number of registered voters, 1,587,447, dating back to at least 1990, and the pre-election day in all its forms proves to be overwhelmingly popular this choice. Early voting ends Monday 5 November.

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