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Eagles-Cowboys NFL Week 10 Predictions

Every week of the season we go through the Eagles media guide and find an interesting nugget about a player.…

Every week of the season we go through the Eagles media guide and find an interesting nugget about a player.

This week we chatted with linebacker / special team ace Kamu Grugier-Hill.

The media guide shows his favorite TV show as ABC’s “Shark Tank”. (Shark Tank is a show where entrepreneurs take their growing business on-site after investing from a group of profitable investors or “sharks” as they are called on the show.)

DZ: It says that your favorite TV The show is Shark Tank.

KGH: It was. I stopped looking at it.

DZ: Okay, I want a Shark Tank conversation.

KGH: Okay, let’s have a Shark Tank conversation.

DZ: If you went there &#821

1; you do not need to tell your Shark Tank idea, I know it’s proprietary – but if you had an idea, what kingdom would it be?

KGH: See if I had an idea, I would not be here, my friend. I would be at Shark Tank and earn billions.

DZ: That’s fair enough, but I know you’re thinking about ideas.

KGH: I always think of small things and I think it’s so cool when people get up with just the smallest thing like, how has nobody ever thought about it yet?

DZ: I had one.

KGH: What was it?

DZ: But then I noticed that …

KGH: That has already been done?

DZ: Well, it was before they had a washer and dryer in one. You know how they have [that]? I thought as if you have a washing machine on top of a tumble dryer.

KGH: And then does it fall?

DZ: And then it falls down like a secret door.

KGH: Dude, it would be quite sick.

DZ: Yes, but they do not need it because they have 2-in-1.

KGH: Do they have 2-in-1?

DZ: (Dejected) Yes.

KGH: Wow. It’s a game changer.

DZ: If you were up there and had an idea what shark would you …

KGH: Mark Cuban!

DZ: Certainly?

KGH: Hands down.

DZ: Why?

KGH: Because the guy just knows what he is doing. He just … I do not know. Every time I look at him, he’s just … he takes his time. And first and foremost, he has more money than everyone in combination.

DZ: Yes, he is loaded.

KGH: Yes, he is loaded so he knows what he is talking about, one. Two, he always gets the best ideas. He is not just there and just jumps on stupid things.

DZ: Want to be a tough bargainer?

KGH: Me? I do not know, I feel that I’m pretty easy to get. Like, “Sold! You have me!”

DZ: First offer?

KGH: Yes, first offer. You have it. I always liked

DZ: Who? They had the short-haired lady …

KGH: No.

DZ: The long-haired lady …

KGH: Yes.

DZ: Ummm … they call her, as the Queen of QVC.

KGH: Yes!

DZ: Uhhh hold on … let me find out. (Starting checking phone.)

KGH: ] Do not tell me yet. Let me figure it out. When you say that, I’ll know it exactly as well.

Reuben Frank: Got it.

DZ: DZ: ] Yes? What is it? Lhh, Lori …

DZ & KGH: (Summary g) Lori !!!

KGH: Lori what?

Roob: Greiner.

KGH: I love her. I just love her. I think she’s … I just love her.

Roob: It seems that Cuban is the only guy who really listens instead of trying to be smart.

KGH: That’s what I said.

DZ: Yes, he treats it as a real company.

KGH: He is so serious. That’s what I mean.

Roob: The others are looking for reasons to shoot something down. He is looking for a reason to do some work.

DZ: You no longer look at it?

KGH: Nah. But during the season, I do not see much TV.

DZ: Gotcha. Okay man Thanks.

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