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Dussehra-tragedy in Amritsar: At least 61 killed as trains pass over revelers

At least 61 people were killed and 77 were injured on October 19 the night after a crowd of Dussehra…

At least 61 people were killed and 77 were injured on October 19 the night after a crowd of Dussehra revelers who had been playing on railway tracks while watching Ravana effigy burned over by a train near Amritsar, officials said.

The train came from Jalandhar when the accident occurred in Joda Phatak near Amritsar, where at least 300 people looked at “Ravana dahan” on a land bordered by the tracks.

Sub-district governor Rajesh Sharma said at least 61 people, including women and children have died and at least 77 injured have been admitted to an Amritsar hospital.

Raveen Thukral, media advisor to chief executive officer Amarinder Singh, said that the first reports suggest that the accident occurred during a stamp when people rushed to the tracks when crackers fail to burn Ravana effigy. The reports indicate that the train crashed through the audience on the tracks at that time, he added.

But a video showed that people drove over the train when they watched Ravana effigy burning, with many of them watching the movie celebration. When the light lit and the fireworks went off, some of the audience began to retreat to the tracks where a large number of people stood to watch the event, officials said.

Two trains arrived from the opposite side at the same time time gives some time for people to fly, they said. Several people were cut by one of the fog.

Google Maps image locates Joda Phatak, near Amritsar in Punjab.

It took about 10 to 15 seconds for the train to pass and leave behind a bunch of crushed and dismembered bodies.

Videos published on social media showed some people who had apparently seen it approaching the train trying to run away from the place. Some of them also fought down.

“No-one came the train,” said a man on the spot. “Before anyone could realize what happened, it ran across many people.”

Another man said, “When the image began to burn in full flow, people began to run away from fearing it could fall over them. They did not realize that a fasting train was on its way and the train was not elevators. “

The scene of a rail accident near the Dussehra festivities site at Joda Phatak in Amritsar on October 19, 2018.

| Photo Credits: PTI

These numbers can be used for information about the event – 0183-2223171 and 0183-2564485

  • Telephone at Manawala Station is 0183-2440024, 0183-2402927 and Ferozpour auxiliary numbers are 01632-1072
  • Northern Railway Aid Line at New Delhi Railway Station: 011-23342954, 011-23341074, 011-42622280 & 1072 – 4 lines, rail no. 22280

Here are the updates:

Clear case of violation: Railways

Gather people near tracks near Amritsar where a train cut down Dussehra revelers were a “clear case of violation” and no permission for the incident had occurred by the railways , said a senior official to PTI

. Seeking to move the debt for the tragedy on Amritsar administration, official sources said the local authorities were aware of the Dussehra program and that it was attending a higher minister’s wife. “We are not left in the loop and we did not give permission for the event. It is a clear case of violation and local government should take responsibility,” said the railway manager.

While questions arose in some parts about why the train did not end despite the fact that such a large crowd was there, the official said, “There was so much smoke that the driver could not see anything and he also negotiated a curve.”

“But the entire railway’s entire machines are in place and we cooperate with the local administration are rescue and relief operations.” The official allowed.

Footage shows that people get themselves from tracks

Amritsar As a result of Dussehra revelers who looked at Ravana effigy’s burning was cut by a suitable train near here, the troubled video of the accident saw many over the railroad tracks that filmed the party on their mobile phones when the tragedy struck.

Following the Chief Minister’s directive, Sukhbinder Singh Sarkaria, Rehabilitation Minister and Health Minister Brahm Mohindra have already rushed to Amritsar to oversee rescue and relief operations. Punjab’s secretary, health secretary and DGP (Law and Order) have also left Amritsar.

Damaged victims of a train accident are treated at a hospital in Amritsar on October 19, 2018.
| Photo Credit: PTI

Mr. Singh has issued orders to mobilize all necessary administrative and police personnel in war shooting to help district administration address the situation. CM has also instructed the chief secretary to distribute administrative officials to ensure that the injured persons immediately begin.

All private hospitals have been asked to remain open to provide urgent free treatment and care for the injured.

Modi approves economic liberation from 2 2 lakh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has approved an economic relief of Ј 2 lakh for every deceased family’s family in the Amritsar train accident and Ј 50 000 for the injured said a spokesman. 19659002] Punjab’s Prime Minister Amarinder Singh has separately announced a compensation of ¼ 5 lakh each to the deceased’s relative.

State grief declared in Punjab

Punjab’s prime minister Amarinder Singh tweets: “The state will be in mourning tomorrow due to Amritsar’s rail accident. All offices and educational institutions will remain closed.

“Has established a crisis management group under (Health Minister) Brahm Mohindra to monitor relief and rehabilitation efforts in Amritsar. Will not save any effort on a part of the government to deal with the crisis. Railroad chief executive Manoj Sinha, Railways chairman Ashwani Lohani, Northern Railway GM Vishwesh Chaubey will fly from Delhi by an airplane plane at 11 o’clock

Railroad officers denote the dead as “violations”

Railroad officers named the dead as “offenders” and said that there was no decision so far for compensation from the national carrier because they were not passengers. [19659002] The death fee, according to local officials, could reach 100.

An angry crowd cries slogans next to the body by a victim of a train accident near Amritsar on October 19, 2018. Photo: Special Arrangement

Opposition attacks the Punjab government

The rail accident has taken a political tour with the opposition accusing the state council of lapse in allowing parties near railroads and Punjab minister Navjot Sidhus wife against charges of leaving

Navjot Kaur Sidhu, who was the main guest of the event, later talked to the media at a hospital where injured was, saying that her priority was to ensure that they were treated properly. “The Ravana play was burned and I just left the place when the event occurred. Priority should be to get injured treated,” she said. She also asked people to refrain from police the problem.

Union Minister and Akali Dal leader Harsimrat Kaur Badal said everything was on government government. “There are not enough words to mourn Amritsar train tragedy claiming so many innocent lives. My deepest compassion to the families who lost their loved ones. The event has to be investigated as it hurts a serious matter of administration,” she tweeted.

BJP leader and Union Minister of Finance Arun Jaitley said the first reports suggest that it was a tragedy that could have been avoided.

Another Akali leader Bikram Majithia said he was worried about hearing unfortunate news about the train accident. “The authorities concerned must be held responsible for the unfortunate accident and strict action must be taken against the guilty police and the organizers,” he said.

Some opposition leaders also argued that Dussehra was organized by Congress near the tracks without

Former Prime Minister Parkash Singh Badal demanded a request from a senior judge to determine responsibility and punish the guilty parties. His son and leading party leader Sukhbir Singh Badal said he was extremely sad to hear that unfortunate event. “Local organizers and police have to answer how the celebration was held close to the railroad track,” he tweeted.

Heart Shadow Scenes at Accident Event

The famous crowd broke into chaos like scream and wails filled the air. Dismembered body parts of revelers are laid stretched on the groove and on the blood-stained ground.

An eyewitness told reporters close to the scene that scenes resemble those who witnessed during the division of the country when millions of people lost their lives in violence.

For many mothers who, until just celebrating the festivities, changed the few humble moments of life forever. Shock and disbelief were common feelings.

“I’ve lost my child. I want him back,” said an insoluble mother.

Relatives mourn at the scene of a train accident in Joda Phatak near Amritsar on October 19, 2018.
| Photo Credit: PTI

A local resident said they had requested that the authorities and their representatives in the legislators speak with the railways and make sure that trains are slow near this part of the track under Dussehra. “But no one has listened,” he regretted.

There was also anger among the people.

“The driver did not blew the horn,” claimed one of the witnesses.

President Kovind expresses shock

President Ram Nath Kovind tweets to pay his compassion to the lost families. “Shocked to hear about the tragedy on railway tracks in Amritsar, Punjab. Understand Indian Railways and Local Authorities taking action to help affected people,” he said.

Mamata, Kejriwal Express Sorcer

West Bengal Minister Mamata Banerjee has expressed grief at the death of several people in the train accident. She says she was not left with a few words to express her shock and torment.

“Very sad to learn about the unfortunate railway event in Amritsar during the Dussehra festival,” says Banerjee. “My heart goes out to the victims family members. Ask the injured persons to recover very quickly.”

Delhis Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also expressed compassion. “Extremely sad news coming about a major train accident near Amritsar,” he tweets. “I appeal to all our volunteers in the area to help the authorities in the relief efforts and provide all the help we can in this crisis.”

Railroad Officers Rush to Accident Place

The railroad has rushed its top officials to Amritsar, while Union Minister Piyush Goyal says immediate emergency and rescue operations are being carried out. Railways chairman Ashwani Lohani and Northern Railway General Vishwesh Chaube rush to the scene, officials say.

“Chocked and deeply saddened by the tragic train accident that occurred in Amritsar. I am heartfelt compassion for the victims families. I pray for the injured to recover quickly. Railways conduct immediate help and rescue operations,” Mr Goyal tweets from the United States where he has gone to participate in an event.

“All possible help to Punjab”

Union Minister of the Interior Rajnath Singh announced all possible assistance from the Center to Punjab, as a large number of Dussehra turbines crossed the railroad tracks were cut by a suitable train.

“Tired of words at the loss of precious lives due to a tragedy during the Dusjhra festivals in Punjab. My thoughts are with the deceased and the beans’ families with the injured,” said Mr. Singh shortly after the event.

The Secretary of State said that he had talked home secretary and DGP in Punjab regarding the accident and they rushed to the scene.

“Center is ready to provide all possible help to the state at this hour of sadness,” he said.


Sidhu Responds

Navjot Sidhu told a news channel on the phone from Bengaluru that the death penalty was alarmingly high.

His wife Navjot Kaur Singh was Chief Guest at Dussehra where the event occurred at 19.00

“Without now came the train”

In a horrific event, several people glued to watch a burning Ravan Decoration while standing on railroad tracks was crushed by a vessel in Punjab. A large number of people watched a big Ravan flaming ring while standing on the track at a railway crossing at Jodha Phatak when the train on their way from Pathankot to Amritsar struck them and triggered anger and upheaval.

It was not clear why the train did not stop despite the fact that so many people were on track and why the railroad crossing was open for people to gather. Witnesses said that when a fire was put at the Ravan exhibition among exploding biscuits, many of the approximately 700 people gathered at the event moving back from the flames to stop standing on the tracks.

“From nowhere came the train,” said a man who was angry. “Before anyone could realize what happened, it ran across many people.”

“When the leveling began to burn in full flow, people began to run away from the fear that it would fall over them,” said another man. “They did not realize that a fasting train was on its way and the train was not rising.”

<img src = “” data variant = “FREE” data device variant = “” data-src-template = “https: // “data-proxy-image =” / ALTERNATES / FREE_215 / Amritsar-train-accident “data-proxy-width =” “style =” width: 100%; ” alt = “A crowd gathered near the scene where a train ran across several Dussehra revelers in Amritsar on October 19, 2018.” title = “A crowd gathers the place where a train ran across several Dussehra revelers in Amritsar on October 19, 2018.” class = “adaptive placeholder”

A crowd gathered near the scene where a train ran across several Dussehra revelers in Amritsar on October 19, 2018.

Another man thought the tragedy would have claimed at least 100 lives. The dead covered several children, another witness said.

The ANI news agency quoted an eyewitness at the scene and said: “The Congress had organized Dussehra parties here without permission. Navjot Singh Sidhu’s wife was the main guest at the celebration and she continued to give a speech because people were fired by the train.”

(With input from PTI and IANS)

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