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Dungeons can return to the new legend of Zelda Game, according to Nintendo Job Postings

November 7, 2018 Technology 1 Views Nintendo has published new tasks that further confirm that the developer has already started…

Nintendo has published new tasks that further confirm that the developer has already started production at another Legend of Zelda game. Perhaps more interesting, the work presents dungeons – a series of staples that were mostly absent from the 2017 Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – will return in the upcoming game.

Currently, Nintendo is looking for a 3DCG designer and level designer to help work with The Legend of Zelda series. Both tasks are published in Japanese, but ResetEra user guru has been able to provide a rough English translation. The 3DCG designer’s primary roles are the creation of terrain and topography for fields and prison caves as well as conceptual art. The level designer is hired to plan the enemy’s locations and the prison hall.

The work lists do not reveal whether this upcoming game is a whole new story or not. For six years between Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild, Nintendo created only Zelda titles related to older games. 201

5’s Tri Force Heroes are, for example, a sequel to 2013’s A Link Between Worlds, which itself is a sequel to 1991’s A Link to the Past. 2013’s Wind Waker HD, 2015’s Majoras Mask 3D, and 2016s Twilight Princess HD are all the recovers of classic Zelda titles.

The work services also do not indicate the work of the next game in the franchise, just a game in the series, so there is a chance that the upcoming Legend of Zelda title may be a sequel or HD remaster of an older story as opposed to any hero new. A remaster of an older Zelda game would explain the importance Nintendo puts in prison cavities. However, this is just a guess and not something to be taken as a fact.

Last year, Legend of Zelda series Eiji Aonuma said that there is a possibility that there is another Zelda game on the Nintendo Switch. He also mentioned that the next mainline game in the series could be multiplayer-focused.

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