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Dumbbell Pullover For a Stronger Chest

Dumbbell pullover: A great exercise if you’re looking to work your pecs. This movement helps build size and strength in the chest, and also introduces some stress on the lats.

And this is how to do it

Lie flat on a bench and grab a dumbbell from one side with both hands. Stretch your arms straight to have the dumbbell directly over your chest; this is your starting position. Lower the dumbbell backwards in an arch shape until it’s behind your head and slightly below. Pause for two seconds then slowly lift the dumbbell back to the starting position.

Some people do this exercise with only the upper part of their back on the bench, but this is not good for beginners. Use your chest muscles (pecs) to lift the dumbbell. Don’t use your back muscles. It is very important to maintain the correct position and focus on your breathing.

The number of reps and sets depends on your goal. If you feel any shoulder pains you should stop immediately. Make sure to keep your neck straight throughout and not move the neck, no matter how light the weight.


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