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DRC reports 21 more cases of Ebola among more violence in Beni

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) met another fight in its struggle to contain an outbreak of Ebola on Friday night…

Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) met another fight in its struggle to contain an outbreak of Ebola on Friday night when a MONUSCO base in the Boikene district of Beni was attacked by a armed group.

During the weekend and today, the Democratic Republic of the Congo registered 21 more cases of Ebola, for a total of 373 cases, including 216 deaths. Seventy-five cases are suspected and investigated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) evacuated 16 people after their residence was hit by a shell that did not explode and Ebola’s surveillance and vaccination was strained in Beni for at least 24 hours.

According to the DRC’s Ministry of Health, the collision took several hours and took place a few meters from Ebola Emergency Reception Center and hotels containing several response teams.

“Vaccination was terminated and the surgery center was closed, but teams still went out into communities to follow up some warnings about potential cases, to meet contacts and make sure they are still well and to get sick people to get to treatment centers. operated by partners, was still active, said the WHO.

Beni has been the epicenter for the current Ebola eruption in northern Kivu and Ituri provinces, which has lasted more than 4 months and has become the Democratic Republic of Congo’s largest outbreak of Ebola so far. The outbreak area includes the DRC’s most ceaseless region, home to more than 1

million refugees and dozens of militias.

DRC Provides Declaration of Engagement

DRC’s Ministry of Health calmed people over the weekend and today, despite evacuation, the efforts to ending the outbreak in northern Kivu is still ongoing.

“Field activities in Beni did not belong rude m usually at the beginning of the day on Saturday, November 17th. After assessing the security situation, all field activities except vaccination could resume idle on Saturday afternoon, said the DRC Health Ministry on Sunday.

Today, Ndjoloko Tambwe Bathe, MD, DRC coordinator of the efforts gave a press release in Beni. He said there are still more than 900 healthcare professionals in the city, including 191 WHO workers and consultants.

Democratic Republic of Congo said full vaccination had been resumed on Sunday and as of today, a total of 32,108 people had been vaccinated with Merck’s olicensed Ebola vaccine, including 15,962 in Beni.

Outbreak is growing in Kalunguta

Bathe also took up the recent cases in Kalunguta, a health district in one of the DRC’s security red areas. He explained that Ebola spread to the area of ​​a confirmed fallopian patient from Beni who fled supervision in that city. Bathe said that society has been accommodating for healthcare professionals and more than 800 people have been vaccinated.

At least 2 of the 21 new cases recorded this weekend were in Kalunguta.

Last weekend updates have DRC Health

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