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Draymond Green believes that arguments with Kevin Durant could galvanize the Golden State Warriors

November 15, 2018 Sports 3 Views HOUSTON – All-Star Draymond Green on Thursday said he believes that Golden State Warriors…

HOUSTON – All-Star Draymond Green on Thursday said he believes that Golden State Warriors will grow stronger after his emotional exchange with team mate Kevin Durant both during and after Monday’s loss for LA Clippers.

Talk about the first Time since we served a game for “injury team”, Green gave a long statement about the event and did not follow the follow-up questions.

“Kevin and I spoke. We move on.” Green said. “I think there is no secret that I am an emotional player. I carry my feelings on my sleeve, I play with the same feeling. Sometimes it’s best of me and it does not work at my service

” I will live with it. Because it works in my favor for the good as my CV talks, and this team’s CV speaks more than that. So I will never change who I am. I will approach the game the same way I always do. And as said, we will continue to move on.

  • The war has a team culture like no one else in the NBA – now being tested.

  • The importance of KD is now an important issue in the Golden State. Win without him?

  • Warrior’s star Kevin Durant offered short answers when discussing his problems with Draymond Green after Tuesday’s victory over the hawks and said, “What happened happened. We try to continue. “

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In the wake of the lay-off termination, Green said that he has spent time reading various stories of speculation how the argument could lead to Durant’s exit this summer as a free agent.

Green his teammates and Warriors coach has shown that there was an opportunity to enter this season, but Green is convinced that an emotional outbreak early in the season will not determine if Durant leaves next summer. [19659002] “I have read a lot about How, “Is this the end of the run?” or “Is it over?” or “do i ruin it?” or “Did I force Kevin to leave?” said Green. “By the end of the day, as I said earlier, what Kevin decides to do, what Klay [Thompson] decides to do, whatever he decides to do, we had big years together and I wholeheartedly support 100 percent “As a man, like a human being, you have the right to do what you want with your life. So I will never question it.”

Warrior coach Steve Kerr said the team had a short meeting before Thursday’s shootaround, where several questions were raised. Kerr acknowledged that the mood of the group – especially Green and Durant – – It is still “pretty quiet” but he is convinced that the couple can elaborate their differences.

“What you need to know is nobody in this organization from a player – not myself, not Kevin [Durant] not anyone else – will hit us So if you are one of them other 29 teams in this league must You’ll hit us.We will not hit us.We will continue to do what we do. … Do you think you saw something before? Good luck with us now. move on. “

Draymond Green

The Warriorsna play Houston Rockets, which they defeated at the Western Conference Finals on Thursday night.

Green and Durant went into the Toyota Center together before shooting.

“We met in the locker room before they train and went through our usual daily routine, picking up some things that will remain private,” says Kerr. “I know Kevin and Draymond have spoken and there is so much I will reveal . “

” I can say I’m extremely sure of this team’s ability to get through all the adversities. And last time we were in this building we won a game 7 on the way to a good team. We were down 15 in the second quarter. I know what this team is made of. I know the nature of the group. I know the history of this group. And it’s far too strong and too powerful to be excited about the kind of adversity that can beat any team this season. So we’ll get through this. “

While Green never ever apologizes for his words or actions, he said what he thought he needed to say and tried to drive the story back to basketball.

” What you need to know is nobody in this organization from a player – not myself, not Kevin, not anyone else – will hit us, says Green. “So if you are one of them other 29 teams in this league, you have to hit us. We will not hit. keep doing what we do.

“I’m sorry if it ruins all stories. I know everyone has a job to do. I apologize for destroying your stories if it did. makes Kevin, myself and the rest of my teammates stronger, that’s what it’s going to do. You think you saw something before? Good luck with us now. We will not crumble an argument. We’ll go ahead So, that’s all I have to say. Someone wants to talk basketball, I’m here. If not, that has been true. “

In injury-related news, Kerr said that Warrior’s star Stephen Curry (strained left lung) stays out for the foreseeable future as he continues his rehab. Kerr said Curry, who suffered from the damage on November 8, makes good progress, but the organization will be very careful when he returns.

“It’s obviously longer than we predicted,” Kerr said. “But it’s because the original MRI did not show anything terribly. … Sometimes symptoms and MRI and imaging are not appropriate. It will not always be perfect. So we base this on symptoms. Leak damage is tricky, so he’s definitely ours for the rest of this trip. He gets better every day. “

Curry joined the warriors on this trip in order not only to continue his rehab, but also to act as sound cards and broers for teammates if feelings again run high. He was not with Warriors in Los Angeles on Monday during the event with Green and Durant.

“It’s great to get him on the trip as we go through this disorder we’ve hit,” said Kerr. “Steph will always be a guy who releases shocks and keeps us rolling. So it’s good to have him here. “

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