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Dragon Ball Z Composer is now a US state-owned serialist

Share. He received over 9000 votes. By Hope Corrigan One of the Dragon Ball Z composers has just become a…


He received over 9000 votes.

One of the Dragon Ball Z composers has just become a state sergeant in Texas.

Kotaku explains that Nathan Johnson, who was elected as Texas state administrator yesterday, is also responsible for musical scores for several of the English dubbed episodes and movies of Dragon Ball Z.

Johnson graduate with a jurors degree from the University of Texas but continued to switch between his day job as a lawyer and compose music.

For one, he focused on his musical career and temporarily met the founder of FUNimation, Robert Cocanougher. As a result, he eventually wrote some of the points for Dragon Ball Z.

Today, his priorities appear to be a bit different when he knocked out Republican Don Huffines in yesterday’s American mid-term election. Johnson secured 54% of the vote and claims victory for Democrats.

Fortunately, the Senate of the New State is apparently not ashamed of its anime past, and it also lists the founding of a law firm and its own music production activities in his personal cinema.

He even worked on the other Broly movie Dragon Ball Z: Broly the Second Coming.

Unfortunately, it does not look like he composed any of the music for the upcoming Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie that had some surprising things in the trailer.

The movie hits North American cinemas January 1

6th next year.

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