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Download the latest version of Netflix for Android. What’s new?

429 Netflix Not only does he spend his efforts on increasing by leaps and bounds his already extensive catalog of…


Netflix Not only does he spend his efforts on increasing by leaps and bounds his already extensive catalog of films and series, but also tries to improve his software on a frequent basis, facilitating both navigation and the search for what interests us the most. Of course, if we want to try first hand the latest news from the Netflix application for Android, we must download this beta type apk , since the latest stable version still does not show the same.

The next stable version of the popular streaming platform could include new controls that would facilitate both the searches and the handling of the settings, all with a somewhat cleaner interface ordered.

Hello navigation bar, goodbye to the classic “hamburger” button

If we look at the current version of Netflix (5.14.0 build 25928), we see that in its upper left we have a button with a hamburger design where we must click if we want to access the different options. This is something that will possibly change with the next stable version of the app, since we would find a new navigation bar located at the bottom and that would include the functions of Home, searches, upcoming releases, downloads and additional options.

Further, we would no longer have in sight a button float searches , but would be made from the navigation bar, which would also show us the different genres and categories. On the other hand, the last button of the bar (more) it would allow us to change accounts, manage profiles, change the settings and manage our account in general terms.

Below you can see a comparison between both interfaces, with the current aspect on the left and the new interface with navigation bar on the right:

What do we gain with this new interface for Netflix?

A priori, it seems that Netflix wants to offer us soon a neater and tidier design .

As some users have reported, some of the Beta would also include a new floating button for Chromecast in the lower right (currently it is located at the top right), while other users talk about a new settings button that dispenses with the classic hamburger design by the same logo of the app, which is quite striking. This “N” button would allow us to select between series, movies and originals, in addition to searching by gender.

For now it is difficult to know which of these changes will go to the final design of the app, but the truth is that it seems that Netflix seems to be on the right track. We will inform you.

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