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Download the Jurassic World wallpapers: The Fallen Kingdom

Download the Jurassic World wallpapers: The Fallen Kingdom

Of all the premieres of this month of June there is only one that has mutant dinosaurs, and that is Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom. A few days after its premiere, today we kill the wait with your wallpapers .

In effect, today we bring you the wallpapers of the second part of the Jurassic World trilogy, a saga that tries to follow the legacy of Jurassic Park . His stunning action is perfect for our new desk.

Customize your Android Jurassic World style

After the failure of the last theme park thanks to the creation of a hybrid dinosaur, now Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) and Claire Dearing (Bryce Dallas) they will try to rescue the remaining dinosaurs on the island , where a volcano supposedly “inactive” threatens its life.

As we see in the trailer, from there things get complicated and it seems that we return to the usual argument: evil people who want to take advantage of the genetic mutation of these dinosaurs. The result, from experience, never goes well .

Either way, below you have the 6 funds of this Jurassic World: The fallen kingdom. It is about some of his official posters and some other scene that we have seen from his trailer. Tell us how they look on your mobile!

Remember that if you want any of these funds on your mobile you just have to move it to the memory of your device . From the settings of your launcher you can set it as wallpaper or depending on the device, blocking wallpaper.

As usual, you can see More wallpapers in our special category , for example,. Also take a look! Tell me,

What are you waiting for this installment of Jurassic World? Do you think it’s already worn out?