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Dow futures raise nearly 200 points as midterm elections fall in line with forecasts

The Wall Street shares looked at a potentially positive start on Wednesday when US stock markets climbed in the wake…

The Wall Street shares looked at a potentially positive start on Wednesday when US stock markets climbed in the wake of the mid-term elections, which did not get any major blows and the dollar fell.

How are benchmarks?

Dow Jones Industrial Average Futures

YMZ8, + 0.69%

increased 201 points, or 0.8% to 25.838 while S & P 500 futures

ESZ8, + 0.88%

received 26 points or 0.9% to 2,784.75. Nasdaq 1


NQZ8, + 1.29%

jumped 90.25 dots, or 1.3% to 7.105.

DJIA, + 0.68%

On Tuesday Dow Jones Industrial Average

DJIA, + 0.68%

rose 173.31 points, or 0.68% to 25.635.01, the S & P 500 Index

SPX, + 0.63%

increased 0.63% and the Nasdaq Composite Index

COMP, + 0.64%

climbed 0.64%, or 47.11 points at 7.375.96.

Dow was closed at a session high, while the S & P 500 and Nasdaq ended the day just shy of Tuesday’s best levels.

What drives the market?

US. The mid-term election fell to a large extent in line with the forecasts of the forecasts, with Democrats who controlled the House and the Republicans retained their grip on the Senate. The results may have consequences for President Donald Trump’s legislative agenda, but currently the markets are rising as some immediate uncertainty disappears.

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There have also been signals of compromise from Trump, who talked about trying to work on the opposite side as indications grew earlier in the week as Democrats should see a house victory.

The clock: How a split congress can force gridlock

Investors can quickly focus their attention on a two-day Federal Reserve meeting which is broken on Thursday, although the central bank is not expected to pull a move on interest rates.

What do strategists say?

“At the margin, the outcome of the US elections will be to prevent further tax relief, which increases the likelihood of the cyclical cycle disturbing, but leaving the president free to pursue its trade policy,” said Kit Juckes, global macro strategist at Société Générale , in a note.

“The power change in the Chamber will make President Trump’s life a little more difficult, but it seems that market players focus on the more important issues that will have a longer lasting effect on stock, namely the US-China trade war and Fed tightening cycle”, says Konstantinos Anthis, Research Director at ADSS.

How do other markets trade?

European shares

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